Monday, December 12, 2011

Blasto flexes his muscle

Aggressive young spox for the governor Josh Vlasto was quoted today saying the following on the subject of new employees for JCOPE “those still on the payroll will remain in place and begin working immediately”

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I am sure Josh meant all the employees except the executive director Barry Ginsberg. And not because I have and will continue to blog about the ramifications of keeping Barry but rather because the law doesn’t allow it. That’s right the statute sets forth how an executive director must be selected and it doesn’t say by Josh Vlasto or even the governor. In case the powers that be or are to be haven’t read it (and btw I’m told new commissioners have not been provided a copy of the statute yet) it states as follows:

“9. The commission shall: (a) Appoint an executive director who shall act in accordance with the policies of the commission. The appointment and removal of the executive director shall be made solely by a vote of a majority of the commission, which majority shall include at least one member appointed by the governor from each of the two major political parties, and one member appointed by a legislative leader from each of the two major political parties. “

Just trying to be helpful I don’t want to see the new commission step on its teitelbaum before it gets up and running.

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