Wednesday, December 14, 2011

JCOPE day 2 is anyone in charge?

Who’s in charge? Who’s calling the shots?

Things are changing at JCOPE. Someone took down all the old PIC logos from the doors. And someone ordered the phones to be answered differently. No more “Commission on Public Integrity.” Now it’s “Public Ethics, may I help you?”

Hey, it’s a start.

That’s said, Barry Ginsberg is still in the office. According to the new statute, he can have no official role or title or job without the new commission authorizing it.

This begs the question of who will be signing off on payroll this week? It’s also raises the prospect of the first potential violation of law by the commission. See various statutes about individuals impersonating a public official to receive a benefit.

The new chairwomen was quoted as follows in today’s Daily News “That’s the way I lead my life, playing by the rules.”

I’ve always believed actions speak louder than words.

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