Thursday, December 8, 2011

Twas the night before JCOPE

In what has become a holiday tradition on the blog we present an insiders version of Twas the night before christmas. For those readers who do not know the employees of PIC mentioned, trust us they know who they are. For those who say we should not digress to the old mean spirited blog we say sorry but get over yourself its comedy if you don't like it don't read it.

Twas the night before JCOPE

Twas the night before JCOPE was set to begin
No commissioners yet named and that was a sin

120 days had gone by in a flash
Hope for an orderly transition had been thrown in the trash

Top staffers were busy featherbedding their nest
As long as they kept their jobs to hell with the rest

Barry was nervous he had lost all his hair
Would the 2nd floor keep its promise did they really even care?

The old commissioners thought they were off the hook now
They hadn’t held a meeting all year, something the law did not allow

When out on the web there was a growing emotion
The Goo Goos had screwed up again; it was more than a notion

What would happen on Monday, Barry wouldn’t say
He was on his knees to the administration begging to stay

In the past year Barry’s minions had became so unruly
Mitra fired them all, with help from yours truly

No more Ralphie or Bridget but somehow she missed Terri
Jeanine is still there but not Bob, Scott or the wooden Indian named Larry

When asked by his staff should we keep working or just pout?
Barry said let’s have a staff meeting to figure this out

With their heads filled with nothing cause their dopes one and all
Jeanine and Deb said not us we’re taking a long lunch at the mall

When all of a sudden the phone it did ring
It was a reprieve the caller did sing

Whatever do you mean, Barry exclaimed
The date on your web site is wrong the lawyer explained

Add a day And a day they hollered at Barry
The gov needs more time, his water you must carry

I heard Barry muttering as off he went to join the long line
For all that I’ve done they are still going to make me resign

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