Friday, December 9, 2011

Drink the cool-aid and eat the pizza

Well well well Barry finally got the call I referenced in twas the night before JCOPE. "Tell your employees to come to work until further notice" I wonder who called you Barry? And are they right? Come on Barry you're a smart NY lawyer how do you read the statute? And now do you change your website that says you are defunct on Monday?

I am laughing so hard I don't know if I can finish the blog.

But here comes the best part.

After 4 months of silence, when he failed to communicate with PIC staff about their future Barry did not even have the class, skill or talent to call a staff meeting and announce this news in person. He wasn't available to answer questions, he just told a couple of supervisors and left it to them to spread the "good"? word. Thats how Barry spells leadership. Let those passengers on the Titanic know we have a leak.

I guess I'm not surprised he could'nt sack up and face the rank and file but he did tell them to pass the word that he might buy everyone pizza today. Free ice for everyone on the ship just collect it from the deck chairs. Hey Barry here's a free hint next time do it yourself it has more meaning.

BTW I think the pizza is a great idea make a list of who eats the pizza and give it to the new executive director so he/she will know who to fire immediately.

If you are afraid to lose your job in an integrity agency you don't deserve to have it to begin with.

Speaking of drinking the cool-aid look at what Dick Dadey the googoo leader said in todays Wonkster "Dick Dadey, executive director of Citizens Union (Gotham Gazette is published by Citizens Union Foundation the sister organization to the Citizens Union) Said that he is not concerned if there is a small gap between the 120 day deadline and the start of JCOPE. “I expect the governor will apply the law and meet the required deadline,” said Dadey adding. “A couple days won’t hurt.”

Compare that to Dadey's comments made several months ago:

“There is no reason to believe at the moment that the deadline will not be met,” said Dadey. “There are weeks to go. There is a strong argument for the appointments to not be rolled out in phases but announced as one. I don’t think piecemeal announcements make sense. We are not concerned, because this governor has kept to his commitments and he will keep to this one. He owns it all. All eyes will be on him. He has to make sure it is fully ready.”

“We were satisfied, but we didn’t have any great expectation that this would be pulled together much prior to the 12th,”

Dadey says the rationale behind the delay was that the agency had to be built from the ground up. “CPI was essentially a merger between two state agencies into one. This effort is essentially tearing down a house and starting from scratch. We accepted that explanation and we look forward to seeing a strong new house.”

Hey Dick about that house I think you are going to need a tent at this point because the closing is next week and nothings built.

And when it comes to missing deadlines do you think the new JCOPE will let the lobbyists be a couple of days late with their filings? remember when it comes to ethics “A couple days won’t hurt.”

Too funny the GOOGOOS are doing a pretty good Charlie Brown impersonation.

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