Tuesday, December 11, 2012

JJOKE customer service phone number.(914)224-7238



JJOKE customer service phone number. 


If you had no luck reaching Ellen Biben at the number posted yesterday a helpful reader has provided me more JJOKE commissioner phone numbers.  And in the interest of helping you get answers to any questions you have about JJOKE I’m going to pass them along.


Now I haven’t called all of these myself so I’m not positive they will work but the reader was in a position to have used them and did so I think they are reliable.


Keep in mind that there is a definite hierarchy of who can answer your questions about JJOKE and I gave you the top person in Ellen (I guess if I had the governor’s number that really would be the person in charge) so in descending order try Chairperson Janet DiFiore at (914)224-7238.  If she’s not too busy putting quarters in the meter she might be willing to help you understand the training session that JJOKE held today.


I’m going to blog separately about how many mistakes the lawyers doing the training made but for now if you have a question call Ellen if she doesn’t answer you can try Janet.


After that I think Commissioner Dan Horowitz would be your best bet.   I’ll give you his number tomorrow

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