Monday, December 17, 2012

JJOKE FOIL officer (212) 396-2162

(212) 396-2162


That’s the number for the person I think is most likely to discuss with the media what is going on at JJOKE.


I get calls all the time from the media asking how do you know what JJOKE is doing on the Lopez/Silver investigation.  Do I have an inside source.


I tell them I don’t I just use deductive reasoning and the facts that are publicly available to reach my conclusions.


I get asked do I know how Fred LeBrun gets information about the Lopez/Silver case, do I know who his source is.  I don’t I hope Fred reads my blog and combines that with his own sources (and he has plenty I’m sure) to reach his conclusions


I get asked do I know how Fred Dicker gets his information about the Lopez/Silver case.  And if I’m sure my phone isn’t bugged I tell them what I think but most of the time I just wait for all that clicking on the line to stop and say clearly that I do not know.


All these questions got me thinking now that Ravi is gone which commissioner can the media turn to for a quote about JJOKE?


I think there is only one commissioner who has shown both the desire and the ability to tell people what is going on at JJOKE.


Only one commissioner with the brains and the balls to state that what JJOKE does it should do in the open and that they have nothing to hide.


Only one commissioner worthy of replacing Ravi as a shining beacon for disclosure.


That commissioner is Marvin Jacobs and his phone number is (212)396-2162.

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