Thursday, January 10, 2013

Campaign Finance Reform is a done deal

Wow that's a relief

I was worried that this important issue would end up as the Ethics Reform of the last couple of years

You know what I mean

A governor announces that we need "fill in the blank" type reform

The legislature says it is a priority that they will focus on

The good government types like Susan Lerner and/or the Brennen Center lend thier names and quotes and take credit for this important "fill in the blank" type reform

And everyone can feel better because this "fill in the blank" type reform has been accomplished

Don't think it happens that way? ask any of the above how well ethics reform has worked out

Ask Susan Lerner how many lobbyists have disclosed their business relationships with public officials

Ask Dick Dadey how many lobby clients have disclosed the source of their funding

Ask Ellen "ebay" Biben how much of a difference JJOKE has made to ethics enforcement in Albany (why do I call her "ebay" because the governor can find anything he wants on JJOKE)

Better yet ask Vito Lopez or Tom Libous or Sheldon Silver how well ethics reform has worked

Or ask Ravi Batra

I'm sure one year from now I can write the same blog for campaign finance reform just change some names

What this really has become is reform masturbation the pleasure given equals the pleasure recieved and government keeps jerking us off

Now where did I leave that ethics porn?

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