Monday, January 28, 2013

Rumblings at JJOKE

Rumblings at JJOKE
It appears some of the JJOKE commissioners are concerned about JJOKE staff censoring their mail.
Hard to believe but rumour has it JJOKE commissioners are only allowed to see their own mail if JJOKE staffers allow them to.
I'd heard this rumour for awhile but could not believe it could possibly be true.  But I am now hearing that both republican and democratic legaslative appointees are growing concerned that Ellen Biben (and the 2nd floor) are deciding what if any material delivered to the JJOKE commissioners they will be allowed to review.
By statute JJOKE commissioners have to vote within 45 days after receiving sworn complaints but Biben (and the 2nd floor) are ignoring the statute and only bringing those matters they choose to the commissioner's attention (at least to the attention of the legislatively appointed commissioners).  Ravi Batra made this allegation this summer before resigning and I'm hearing others on the commission are upset about it as well.
Can you imagine a system where the staff forces the commissioners to vote on a complaint about a legislative leader but can block the commissioners from even being aware of a complaint filed against the executive branch?  This is New york so not only is that scenario believable it's probably likely.
It's gotten so bad that I've resorted to emailing certain commissioners directly to insure they have documents (see my latest email below)
Hopefully some of these commissioners will realize that they are being treated in such a way as to compromise their reason for existence.  There is no checks and balance when the inmates run the asylum.


Subject: opinion request

Date: Jan 28, 2013 11:27 AM



I have attached a recent request for an opinion that I hand delivered to the commission leaving copies for each of you. It has come to my attention that staff at JCOPE may not be delivering items such as the opinion request to all commissioners so I have taken the liberty of obtaining your emails to insure that you receive the document unedited and in a timely fashion. If you do not wish to receive the delivery of future documents in this fashion just let me know and I will be happy to leave delivery or the lack thereof in the hands of JCOPE staff. For those of you that do not read my blog I have also included a recent piece that discusses the issue of staff's proper role.

David Grandeau

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