Wednesday, January 30, 2013



“The less said the better.”

That was the message that came through the live feed from the top secret JJOKE executive session yesterday. One commissioner (and I hope he has the integrity to step forward before he is outed) said in reference to recusals: “The less said the better.”

And that got me thinking: Does JJOKE need John Milgram anymore? Can’t they just answer every press inquiry with this comment: “The less said the better”?

For example, who was responsible for turning on the microphone during the top secret executive session? “The less said the better”

Was it done on purpose by one of the 2nd floors toadies to embarrass Speaker Silver and his appointee? “The less said the better”

Did it happen because one of the lawyers at the table who has a history of walking into closets (Fess up, Rob Cohen) put a book down on the mute button? Twice? “The less said the better”

Are DiFiore and Biben scapegoating the IT Department for not idiot proofing the mute button? “The less said the better”

Wow! This is working so well I’m going to try some other areas of interest.

Is Biben preventing the commissioner’s access to their own mail? “The less said the better.”

Can Biben block an investigation into the executive branch by not telling the commissioners of a complaint? “The less said the better”

Has Biben leaked information about investigations to the governor’s office? “The less said the better”

Did the commission start investigations into Senator Libous and Speaker Silver at the behest of the 2nd floor? “The less said the better”

I’m on a roll. Why stop?

Did Biben and other staff members violate the Public Officers Law by refusing to work from the Albany office in February, March and April? “The less said the better”

Did JJOKE spend a fortune that could have been used on enforcement activities to open a NYC office so Biben didn’t have to move upstate to run JJOKE? “The less said the better”

Did JJOKE waste the last 6 months trying to use its power to leverage Silver, DiNapoli and Schneiderman in the Lopez investigation? “The less said the better”

Did the legislative appointees block Biben’s attempt to manufacture violations against Silver, DiNapoli and Schneiderman in the Lopez investigation? “The less said the better”

Did Biben delay disclosure of source of funding data to give the information to the 2nd floor before the public? “The less said the better”

Is the Governor embarrassed by the joke his ethics reform has become? “The less said the better”

Can the media and/or the good government groups point to anything positive that has come out of JJOKE in the past year?

Man, the silence sure is deafening

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