Tuesday, January 29, 2013

JJOKE meeting quotes translated

Since Ravi left JJOKE meetings are known for what doesn't happen, at least in public session, but today Ellen Biben showed she can use decepetive language with the best of Albany's politicians.

For example when asked by a commissioner about the recent filings and source of funding disclosure she replied that the filings have been received and will be processed and placed online and that it "will happen shortly"   anyone want to bet on what shortly means?   It means as soon as Biben and her handlers have had a chance to review the data.  New York City is available already why isn't New York State?

Next came a question from Commissioner weisman about the reportable business relationships.  Biben responded that the guidelines were the result of "a very thoughtful process".  Which when translated means staff thought about it and decided what the commissioners should know.

When will the commissioners wake up and realize Biben is treating them like mushrooms?

Now I have a new reason for not going to JJOKE meetings, while watching the webcast I got to listen to part of the executive session.  Made my day I guess all that eavesdropping equipment I got for christmas has come in handy.  Keep  streaming the executive sessions and I may never leave my office.


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