Friday, April 15, 2016

A Seth Agata sighting

Yes Virginia there is an Agata.

While no official announcement has occurred, my sources have confirmed Seth Agata has started at JJOKE.

Much like Bigfoot, signs of Agata had been showing up around JJOKE but other than a grainy video no one had seen the mythical beast, Agata not Bigfoot.

But now I am comfortable in confirming . . .


And yet nothing has changed.

I know I know I can hear it now "give him time he just started"

I've heard that before, hell I even said it myself about Biben.  But the truth is you only get one chance to make a first impression.

And Agata's first impression is one of stealth and secrecy.

We didn't know when he would start, we didn't know what he would make, we didn't know who voted for him and who didn't and we don't know what he stands for other than being someone the majority of commissioners could agree on - not exactly a great first impression.

For whatever it's worth (I forgot I did that job for a dozen years . . . well enough to get Spitzer, Silver and Bruno to agree to abolish the agency, think of that, those three are not exactly poster boys for ethics are they?) so I guess it is worth something,  if I was Agata, I'd hold a press conference Monday and introduce myself to the media and the public  I'd answer every question no matter how uncomfortable.  For example I'd like to know how he justifies using his official position and letterhead to write a letter to Biben on Cuomo's behalf for Cuomo's private book deal?

But I'm guessing Agata, being the careful, tentative, do as you're told Cuomo apparatchik, will remain as hidden as a yeti.  Maybe if we are lucky we will see some footprints and a pile of yeti shit at JJOKE.

As for me I'll be looking for some JJOKE staffers to find other employment.

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