Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Even with a do over JJOKE still flunks it's annual report

I think I can turn this into a new parlor game, in fact if I turn it into an app I'm sure I can sell it to the 10 people that give a fuck about how bad the staff at JJOKE is.  And I'm not including Agata in that category nor all the folks who met at a private club in Manhattan at candlelit tables to breathlessly listen to Preet do an impersonation of Paul Giamatti's character Chuck Rhodes from "Billions".

Instead of worshiping Preet at candlelit dinners maybe the Common Cause crowd ought to care enough about ethics to get rid of JJOKE.

Anyway I digress.

Here's the game.  I tell you what page of the report contains errors, the revised report (do over) that is, and you email me with the answer of what they fucked up this time.

To those that don't want to think too hard . . . Blair Horner and the Albany Times Union . . . I'll post the answers at the bottom of the blog.

The next mistakes that JJOKE should fix on their revised annual report(no need to note I found them for you) are on page 35 and 37 of the report. 

Hint I think the mistakes were made last year and JJOKE is just toooooo sloppy and incompetent to catch them even after 2 years and numerous humiliating do overs.

ANSWER - they reference 2013 reports for 2014 figures   What complete fools


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