Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Seth Agata's press conference UPDATED

Today is Seth Agata's big moment.

His first JJOKE commission meeting.

The press assembled, the web cam rolling and everyone is waiting to see what the new leader of JJOKE will do.

My personal hunch is he does what he has been doing . . . nothing.  He will sit at the right hand of the JJOKE chair so he can hear Horwitz ummmm his way thru another meeting and to the left of Monica so she can whisper all the things he doesn't know to him.

What he will not do is answer questions or make a statement laying out his vision for JJOKE.  He won't do that because he can't.  Without Cuomo's or more precisely Linda Lacewell's hand up his ass moving his lips Agata will remain mute.  After all it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

But if a star rises in the east or Agata's blackberry rings with a message from God or the second floor and Agata speaks I hope he talks about:

His role in the Cuomo book deal and how he justifies that it was not a violation of the public officers law.

What his salary is and why he is worth almost $20000 more a year than the last 2 leaders of JJOKE.

Which of the many incompetent and overpaid JJOKE staffers he will be firing (lets start with those responsible for the top ten list fiasco)

When will he ask Gagan to return his ill gotten salary.

And perhaps most timely and important I'd like to hear him explain if JJOKE has issued subpoenas in it's pile on of the DiBlasio fund raising investigations that are popping up like dandelions all around the state.

Most importantly tell us Seth how long it took after you started to follow Lacewell's orders to get an investigation into DiBlasio started and how come Sugerman was able to leak her investigation first.

As I said I'm betting on Agata remaining mute . . . for quite a while.


I was wrong in a 6 minute meeting Agata spoke 7 words  He said when asked about the budget "I think Steve Boland can explain that".  Not exactly an overwhelming display of ability by Agata.

Now Boland did make some news after the meeting.  I saw him outside and asked when the new web site and filing application would be ready.  His answer "I don't know"

I asked how do you explain a retired employee working on a consulting contract for $30000 per year  on that new system not being done yet. His answer "I don't know"

I followed up with isn't it your job as the administrative officer making $114,710 a year to know these things?

His answer was you have to talk to Walt McClure about that.

Mr. Agata maybe you might want to add Boland to the list of former JJOKERs or at a minimum at least answer the questions I asked him.

The entire JJOKE office is a waste of taxpayer money.

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