Tuesday, April 12, 2016

JJOKE flunks it's annual report

I've already blogged about the error I caught in the JJOKE annual report aka lies, damn lies and statistics.  But it was even worse than I thought.  The revised annual report is out (replacing the original so unless you printed the original it is tough to find the old errors) and not only did JJOKE not order the top ten lobbyists correctly they used the wrong numbers and the wrong firms.  In short a complete failure.

UPDATE:  I contacted JJOKE press flunky Walt McClure ($78752) to request the original top ten lobbyist list before the revisions.  He told me he would look into providing me a copy.  I then asked for a comment regarding all the errors.  He said the numbers were correct and any mistakes were the result of "human error" and have been corrected.  I then asked for a list of the human errors and was told he would look into it.  I'll update again if by some miracle the powers that are running JJOKE into the ground let Walt give me the information.

And we are suppose to trust these folks to provide accuracy about lobby data?  Please!!!!

So we know that JJOKE can't add, can't provide simple tables, changes data at there whim what else are they doing or not doing that the public is unaware of?

Well for starters two of their commissioners have recently resigned but JJOKE has not announced it.  Arroyo and Cavullo.  Why does the media and the good government groups continue to ignore the incompetency and corruption that exists inside JJOKE?

Does anybody know when Seth Agata will be starting?  Yet again no announcement from JJOKE.

I've got a simple idea  JJOKE Chairman Dan Horwitz should resign . . . immediately.

He should resign because under his stewardship JJOKE has proven itself to be incompetent and untrustworthy.  A cover up waiting to happen or already in progress.

Just recently the same employee that changed start dates on sworn documents has started holding up registration processing to require all registrations to match the name and title of the CAO to the name on the lobby authorization.  Of course the statute doesn't require this but Maria Guevarra is throwing her version of a hissy fit because I caught her changing start dates.  Now Maria should have been terminated months ago and I have already written that in the blog but her supervisor is aware of her behavior and has taken no action (I know because I sent them an email detailing it) Even Seth Agata is aware because I sent him an email as well to his JJOKE email account and it hasn't bounced back so the account is active even if we don't know if Agata is.

The end result of Maria's fit and her supervisor's lack of management and Agata's hiring (or should I say Linda Lacewells) and Horwitz's utter incompetence?  The number of pending registrations has increased in the last several weeks.  That's right the backlog has gotten larger in fact not a single registration pending from before 2014 has been processed.  The same 84 registrations that are sitting on Maria's desk from before 2014 are still there.  And the new ones still pending have increased from 370 to 389.  What in the world are they doing at JJOKE?

Oh that's right I forget they are providing us false figures and bad data in the Annual Report.

Tell me again why any of them are being paid with our tax dollars.

JJOKE wasting taxpayer money since 2011.

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