Thursday, April 14, 2016

Walt McClure clueless to a fault

Walt McClure never got back to me with the information I requested, that he assured me he would look into (by the way who would he ask for permission?).  I had to FOIL the information which was provided to me within a day.  My guess is Agata has reported for duty and doesn't feel the need to hide how incompetent JJOKE was before he got there.  Look for some heads to roll.  I'll do a blog shortly with my employee resizing program aka who to fire.

But back to Walt.  Remember he told me on the record all the mistakes in the annual report were the result of "human error" and had been corrected?  Well now that I have the original report I can inform you that these human errors resulted in 9 out of the top 10 lobbying firms being wrong.  9 OUT OF 10.  That's a grade of 10%, you need one hell of a curve to pass that performance.  On that alone Dan Horwitz should resign.  But wait there's more!!!!!!

All mistakes have been corrected Walt?  I pointed out 2 more yesterday that are still not corrected and there is another one on page 31.

In case I haven't mentioned it the staff at JJOKE are horrible.  Would anyone notice if they were all fired by Agata and he started over from scratch?

More evidence that Agata may have started.

I got a response from JJOKE regarding my allegation that Maria Guevarra is wrongly holding up registrations in an attempt to require that the names and titles of client Chief Administrative Officers match the actual authorization.  I emailed JJOKE last week and blogged about it demanding to know where in the Lobby Act the justification for this activity could be found.  I copied Agata on the email.

Here is the email:

To: "Guevara,Maria (JCOPE)" , "Levine,Martin (JCOPE)" ,

Cc: "Wiesnet,Christina (JCOPE)" , ""

Subject: RE:

Date: Apr 11, 2016 9:11 AM

Please be advised that i represent          and               .  Both these lobbyists have registration and/or registration amendments that have not been processed as a result of Ms. Guevara'a belief that a discrepancy exists in client CAO names and titles.  You are directed to process these registrations and/or registration amendments and I would further request that you provide me the section of the Lobby Act that supports Ms. Guevarra's actions in refusing to timely process these (and other) registrations and/or registration amendments.  I again request a meeting to discuss Ms. Guevarra's actions.
David Grandeau"

Lo and behold I heard from a JJOKE senior staffer yesterday that I am correct in my legal analysis (of course I am, I score better than 10% on any test I take) and that all my clients pending registrations are being processed and Maria will be instructed not to engage in this dilatory action in the future.  My response?  Why aren't you firing Maria?  JJOKE answer?  silence



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