Thursday, October 20, 2016

Agata and Alphonso David

Cudos to Casey Sailor for at least giving me credit for the Lacewell inquiries

And a big attaboy to Casey for being smart enough to ask the follow up questions regarding Agata volunteering his time to the campaign as well.  FIRE AGATA

But as can be expected from Cuomo's D team they only serve to put a spotlight on his staffs activity with Alphonso David's response that Lacewell was a volunteer for the Cuomo campaign.

My instincts tell me he's lying.

And if I was running JJOKE and saw these stories about Lacewell's campaign activities I'd start asking these people some questions under oath to clear it up.

Lots of questions to ask under oath like:

Please provide copies of the emails.  That should tell us when and where they were written.

Also who they went to and what accounts those senior staffers used.

Did Lacewell inform anyone (like the campaign or the governor) that she was providing volunteer professional services?

But most importantly

If Lacewell was a volunteer when she provided these legal services why is Alphonso David providing the cover story?  Who was he representing when he responded to the Times Union questions?  Was he a volunteer as well?  He only has a role to play here as counsel to the governor if Lacewell performed these services as a state employee otherwise Alphonso's answer should have been "I can't comment as it does not involve the governors office"  At a minimum he should have called Agata for ethics advice.  It certainly wouldn't be the first time Agata and David have discussed ethics.  And by the way Mr. David, Seth doesn't think you have any clue what you are doing in that field.  He told me so over a cup of coffee at Saatchi.  He also told me that you were the one that cut the deal with the Senate Republicans for C3 source of funding in return for confidentiality in investigations by JJOKE.

And one last thing who was the "spokesperson that said the emails were sent from Lacewell's gmail account?  Rich Azzopardi? During his state jobs work hours?  Another volunteer?

Agata this is your job and you can't do it.

You don't have the skills and you are conflicted.  You may even be a participant in the same volunteer coverup you should be investigating.

You guys want me to stop being an ethics gadfly looking solely at the 2nd floor?  That's easy get rid of Agata.

Tomorrow I'll be blogging about the JJOKE staffer whose financial disclosure report proves she is unfit to work at JCOPE.  You have a day Agata to read all the financial disclosure reports filed by your staff  DO YOUR JOB OR RESIGN

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