Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I don't know if it was the recent story about my role in keeping the Trump Investigation files or just my general identification with issues related to JJOKE but I have received an anonymous email containing a treasure trove of JJOKE emails.  Maybe the Russians have hacked the JJOKE servers, maybe a staffer wants to insure these emails see the light of day it doesn't matter to me I'm going to channel my inner Julian Assange and start posting them on the blog.  I'm going to call my office an embassy and seek asylum so I never have to testify about where I got this material from and hope for the best and count on the serious people involved in government and law enforcement to recognize and value these emails appropriately. I've deleted last names but you know who they are


Subject: Your call

Date: June 31, 2016 12:59 PM

I got the message and I have looked into the issue Mr. Jeff K has brought to your attention.  I can find no statutory authority that would allow Mr. Jeff K to have an appointee on the JJOKE commission much less the two he is demanding.  I understand the political landscape that forces us to treat this megalomaniac as if he really was the leader of something in the senate but the statute makes it clear that only the majority and minority leaders of each house of the legislature have appointments.  Now of course Senator Flannigan could take advice from Mr. Jeff K and appoint whomever he likes to the present vacancy the Senate has on JCOPE and you could do likewise for your vacancy.
I have a suspicion many more vacancies will be forthcoming.
As an aside who should I be talking to about any press response to inquiries regarding my role in the Percoco matter?
Let me know what else you need from JCOPE."
Stay tuned I've got more to come, many of them of a personal nature related to friends and family associated with JJOKE and the executive branch.

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