Tuesday, October 25, 2016

REAL ethics reform?

Our governor has announced that he will be calling for REAL ethics reform in 2017.

Which begs the question what have all the other ethics reforms we've had over the last decade been if not real?

Is the governor admitting that all the other ethics reforms were fakes, fugazys, Agata's?

I normally don't comment on any policy positions the governor takes on anything other than ethics reforms but he did call his thoughts on outside pay and raises for the legislature "real ethics reforms" so here goes, with apologies ahead of time for criticizing the governor since I'm still hoping we can become buddies hang out and talk cars.   Speaking of which, governor, anytime you want to drive a 6 speed 560 hp caddy station wagon give me a call,  it's my daily driver and unless Agata will try to call that an imputed gift you are welcome to take it for a spin anytime. 

Here's my thought on pay raises.  You don't give the legislators a raise and ban outside income you let them earn as much as they can in outside income (most of them would starve if they had to earn an honest living) require full disclosure of who they are earning that money from and cut their pay.  There is no shortage of people willing to run for office, the problem is the ones that are already in office stay because they can't do anything else.  It's kind of like staffers, the really good ones leave and go where they can make more money the bad ones and corrupt ones hang around forever.  You know who I'm talking about.

Now if the governor and the legislature are intent on passing "real" ethics reform instead of just firing Agata you could pass legislation restructuring JJOKE or better yet abolishing JJOKE and outsourcing the enforcement functions to any entity not controlled by those it regulates,

But in all honesty the simple answer is FIRE AGATA

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