Monday, October 31, 2016

Twinkieleaks 4 - 1800JJOKE jobs hotline

 It's a small town but really can't these people find jobs outside government?  Just follow the Percocco model.

  To:         ,Dan Chairman(JJOKE)



Subject: My wife's job


Date: June 32, 2016 12:59 PM
I got your message about the guvs desire to open an investigation into Patrick Jenkins and Speaker Heastie.  While I normally would only ask how high you want me to jump this one is a bit tricky.  Besides the fact that the feds already have plenty of material from that bug they've got in that bar that Heastie and his posse hang out in I have a more personal problem.  And no it's not a Joe Percocco issue, that one is being handled by my attorney, it's the fact that my wife works in the Assembly.  You know what's going to happen the minute they get my 15 day letter.  My wife is going to be under extreme pressure which will put me under extreme pressure.  Go ask Renzi what happens when your wife's job in the legislature conflicts with your job on JJOKE. 
I know you have the ability to get her a job somewhere else.  Hell go ask Pei Pei, her husband worked for you and the next thing you know she has a job at JJOKE.  Or ask Uncle Vinnie's niece, Shari,  She got fired here and her Uncle Vinnie got her rehired.  Or ask Biben's old nanny that got a job in our NYC office that no one visits so it's safe for the no shows.  You even got a big job for your own wife so you know how it works.
As soon as my wife has a different job, for more money, I'll take care of the Jenkins Heastie matter for the guv.  And next time you call use my home number (518)821-1947

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