Friday, October 28, 2016

Twinkieleaks 3 Trump, Clinton, Cuomo and Biben

The pieces just keep coming together. 



Subject: Trump, Clinton, Cuomo and Doug Band


Date: September 31, 2016 12:59 PM
Seth, I was thinking that you need to make sure you have deleted all the emails from both, your JJOKE server and the private server we set up for you in your basement, that relate to our previous conversations about imputed gifts and the big guys family employment history.  While everyone that matters knows there is nothing wrong with a public officials grown daughter getting summer internships with the client of a lobbyist and/or with a consulting firm closely tied to the Clintons, in this environment with Trump and his lunatic right wing gun toting born again wack jobs trolling for any whiff of hypocrisy I'd hate to see your aggressive approach to imputed gifts backfire on the big guy if the media start asking why we aren't looking at you know who's daughter's summer jobs.  I had even heard a rumor that "Herb" was going to testify that a deal was struck between the Clinton camp and the Cuomo camp to trade the favor of summer employment for an endorsement.  I think it's bullshit and so does the Chief Judge and Linda L, as we all know the summer job is worth way more than the endorsement but someone like that fat fuck Grandeau could stir them up, he is a shameless mercenary as you and the regulated community already know.
Anyway make sure those emails and blackberry messages and phone logs are all shredded.  The last thing any of us need is for our history to come back and bite us in the ass.
One last thing, are you hearing anything about videos on Dr. K's cellphone?

Oops I forgot   FIRE AGATA

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