Monday, October 17, 2016

The Times Union and JJOKE two birds of a feather

I was willing to give Chris Bragg a pass when he wrote about JJOKE not catching the failure of numerous universities employing Cuomo staffers to report their business relationships.  After all everyone that matters knew I had flagged it long before Bragg
and Chris is doing really good work shining a spotlight on JJOKE and it's head clown Seth Agata.  The more attention that is placed on Agata the more tips will come rolling into Chris Bragg and the more tips that come in mean more stories and the more stories about JJOKE's failures, either thru incompetence or actual corruption the more likely Agata is to be forced to resign.  And then I can mount another ethics head on my wall of shame.

But I'm not willing to give the Times Union editorial board the same pass.  Your editorial on JJOKE is on point although tepid and late as usual.  But to give Bragg credit for discovering and disclosing JJOKE's failures is a step too far.

Give credit where credit is due I had that story weeks before Bragg.  Hell I gave it to Bragg.

And as regular readers know if you want to learn about JJOKE screw-ups and coverups before Bragg writes about them just read the blog.

Here's a freebie lets see how long it takes Bragg to write about it.

Agata should be investigated for his role in both the Percocco outside employment case and for his role in the Cuomo book deal.

Feel free to give me a call Chris I'll be happy to explain or just read the blog when I get a moment I'll detail the violations.

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