Monday, March 4, 2019

Why does Seth Agata still have a job?

I have tried very hard to behave and not blog about JCOPE.  My thinking being no one cares how incompetant, corrupt and/or foolish JJOKE is so why bother.

I know we will read the same old editorials that get written every couple of years about how we need "ethics reform" and the good government groups will blather on about what needs to change in the law but they always miss the point that its the people you need to change.

Now even when they change the people we end up with the same old tired clowns that we had before (see Dan Horowitz and Gary Levine).

I've tried to avoid writing this blog for over two months,  business has been great and JJOKE has been embarrising themselves without my help (did you see the sexual harassment hearing or read about the Percoco vote?) but someone needs to say it loud and clear


I could list all the things he has done to deserve being fired (just read past blogs or my ethics complaint they ignored - speaking of which will Latitzia Tagliafiero ever act on the complaint I discussed with her about Agata now that she is the Inspector General?) but all you need to know is it is March 4, four days after those of us in the compliance world should have begun filing bimonthly reports, and we can't.  The JJOKE $2million lobby application doesn't allow for bimonthly filings and when you call JCOPE to ask about it you are directed to the bimonthly department where you get a recorded message that they are not available, when you call back you are directed to the help desk where you get a recorded message that they are not available.  Try asking Seth Agata why and all you will get is his Al Franken impersonation.

No excuse for this.

None at all