Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Rob Cohen, Larry Schwartz and failure to file

Recent story in President Trump's paper of record the New York Post about Larry Schwartz failure to file his financial disclosure reports for the last 2 years

I especially like the JJOKE comment when asked what they will do about it “we have processes to follow.”  Processes to follow that's funny.  Here is the JJOKE process we learned from Seth Agata when he got caught with his thumb up Joe Percocco's ass.

Step one: Don't review 2nd floor big shots financial disclosure reports
Step two: pray no one FOILS said reports
Step three: notify the 2nd floor when a FOIL comes in requesting said reports
Step four: pray the media doesn't report on the reports or JJOKE's coverup of said reports
Step five: say we will follow a process and do better next time.


How could you possibly have missed Schwartz's non filing after the Percocco disaster?

Is this your idea of doing better?

I was told by my sources on the second floor that after Percocco JJOKE had reviewed all the top staffs reports. (that could be a lie)

Maybe they did, in which case step three above is in effect.

Which brings me to Rob Cohen.

Why would Cuomo appoint "Mr. walk into closets" "Don't file my attorney registration" to be a commissioner at JJOKE?  Could it be that Rob Cohen was the JJOKE staffer responsible for the financial disclosure reports and knows where all the bodies are buried?  Maybe the timing of his appointment makes more sense now.  And we know he knows about not filing reports on time.

I guess I should add a step six to the process.

Step six: let the JJOKE commissioners meet in executive session so Rob Cohen can explain why he is covering up for the 2nd floor.

Now lets just hope he puts another book down on the mic button so we all can listen in.

JJOKE is the absolute worst ethics agency in the history of New York ethics agencies and that is saying something.