Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Times Union Trump and hypocrisy

The Capital Regions paper of record has an editorial today suggesting that the electoral collage reject the results of the election and pick anyone other than Trump  you can read it here:

Now compare that editorial gem with the one they wrote in October when they were horrified that Trump refused to state that he would accept the election results   you can read that here

Funny how winning or losing changes ones perspective on accepting election results.

But now let me pivot and congratulate the deep thinkers on the TU editorial board.  I have been advocating for a long time that one man one vote doesn't work.  I prefer proportional voting based on the amount of income tax you pay, of course I'm a rich white male so that may cloud my judgement. This last election and primary season proved my point.  The average voter is unfortunately lacking in judgement, insight and knowledge, unfit to decide who should be president and better suited to watching reality tv and wrestling matches.  Would you give the responsibility to make decisions for your loved ones safety, health and welfare to the type of folks you see at Trump rallies or Clinton rallies or Bernie get togethers?  Now the TU provides an alternative to one man one vote, let the members of the electoral collage decide free of restriction.  And who are these electors?  Go google their identities it sure isn't one man one vote types.  It's the ruling political elite.  Not quite my proportional voting idea but a lot closer to it than one man one vote.

And before anyone comments on my perceived support of Trump.  Remember while I did work for him bringing a complaint against Schneiderman for fundraising from the subject of an investigation, I also fined Trump $250000 for being an unregistered lobbyist.  This isn't about Trump it's about hypocrisy.

So while the TU is laughingly hypocritical they are at least proposing ideas to get away from the real cause of our political dysfunction.  One man one vote just doesn't work.

And you wonder why the media can't seem to have an effect on Albany corruption

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Back by popular demand





Twas the night before Christmas, in JJOKE’s Broadway hideout
no chairman was appointed since Horwitz had been tossed out

The commissioners were nestled teleconferencing on the tube
proving their incompetence and acting just like a boob

The hearings had been held the press releases sent,
Rozin was acting, the chair he did rent.

Weismann and Jacobs were nervous they were losing their hair
Their appointing authorities were convicted they might get the chair

Dan Horwitz had run off like a thief in the night,
he knew like every chairman before, what he did just wasn't right.

When out in the media there was a growing emotion
that JJOKE was corrupt it was more than a notion.

Percocco was indicted by Preet who would not be thwarted
his real target was a Governor whose affairs were documented and quite sordid

JJOKE never looked at Percocco’s outside employment
 Agata had told him don’t worry grab the cash so you can pay your rent

But now the media was asking why JJOKE gave Percocco a pass
Agata’s lies and excuses smelled like so much ass gas

What would they do the minions of Cuomo,
He called them by name all except Pee Pee Chang Decastro

On McClueless, On Martin and the lawyers all should
Come here Lori, Maria and the rest of the dead wood.

Come to my office we have to plan our attack
We need to get Grandeau off of our back.

With their heads filled with nothing cause they're dopes one and all
Jeannine and Deb said not us we are taking a long lunch at the mall

With his blog and public questions he has shown all our flaws
every mistep every coverup from Herb to the new regulations for the lobby laws

Our recent investigations into lobbyists and imputed gifts are pure bullshit
brought on orders from on high which we follow because we’re nitwits

At the end of the day not a single case will we make
all we will do is send letters telling targets they have been warned the whole process is so fake

Except DiBlasio and the Campaign for One New York
Once we identify all it’s donors Bill D we shall pork


It’s amazing to watch how much effort we spend
On the DiBlasio case every rule we will bend


But when it comes to Percocco,  Kalyeros and the rest
Agata decides he's not up to the test


The feds have a wire in a bar on Dove Street
Yet Agata ignores all 2nd floor corruption that falls at his feet


Agata will chase dead senators families job offers
But totally ignores who fills Cuomo’s daughters summer coffers


How can hiring the grown child of a senator be wrong
When Evan Stavisky uses his mom in every pitch song


The JJOKE elves have been shown to want to defund the not for profits
Why is Martin still working after all his fascist bullshit


Am I the only one that thought he looked like a mini-me
On Agata’s shoulder he perched at the hearing for all to see


As Agata did his best Al Franken impersonation
Seymor Knox left no doubt he is an ethics abomination


For 4 years he has been on JCOPE
And the first time he speaks he sounds like a complete dope


Renee Roth waits 3 years to declare
She had no idea what lobbyists file, what a waste of a commission chair


Dawn Smalls did her part to protect her law firm
What will she do when they have to register before the end of her term


McLaughlin is new he sat on the dais mute as a choate
Back home he is known as a reliable dull vote

The fact that his wife works for the senate is another conflict turn the page
Between him, Agata and Renzi there is plenty of spousal leverage


Those lobby regulations that they are touting
Will never be passed lobbyists are shouting


An Article 78 will be brought to shit can the whole mess
The Lobby statute only authorizes opinions not regs how did Martin ever pass his bar test


Grandeau continues to harass every JJOKER except LT
What did she do to keep him from cutting her off at the knee


There is a rumor about that all that it took
Was her batting her eyes and giving him a quick look


Not at her package that would be far too crass
She just kept him in the loop so he didn’t take a bite out of her ass


Now Agata is a completely different type
His actions don’t square with all his good guy hype


He’s shown he is a bullshitter
Put there only to protect the gov’s flanks and hind quarter

The sooner Agata quits
We can stop seeing Grandeau throw his blog fits

No matter what actions the Joke takes
Grandeau keeps thriving on NY’s ethics mistakes

As he drives past our building in a new car or sleigh
that’s been paid for from business that we’ve sent his way

We’ve made it easy for him to represent new clients
as we sit up here like a bunch of spoiled tyrants

I heard him exclaim as he beeped and drove off on his way to go dine
Merry Christmas to my JCOPE informants to the rest of you its time to resign