Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just a question not a criticism

I'm starting to read and hear about the gov's next Moreland Commission.

And a thought popped into my head.

More a question than a thought.

And it is just a question at this point not a criticism.

I know how sensitive the 2nd floor is to criticism.

And deep down I'm a wimp, I'm not looking for a fight.

So this is just a question remember its just a question not a criticism, not a judgement, not a critique, not a panning, not a barb, not an attack, not a denunciation, not an impugnment, not a vilification, just a question maybe at most an observation.  Certainly nothing for the 2nd floor to call anyone and complain about.

The gov has stated that he is going to place top notch law enforcemnt types on the panel including sitting District Attorney's.  The rationale is if they find something they can act on it.  I'll bet the head of this new panel will be a sitting DA, probably a republican (bipartisan blah blah blah).

Now here's my question  If the gov believes that there is corruption in campaign donations and pay to play practices, and I have no doubt there is, why do these top notch law enforcemnt types need the Moreland Act jurisdiction to investigate?  Can't a sitting District Attorney, say David Soares or Cyrus Vance just ask the governor what it is he knows that provides the rationale to invoke the Moreland Act to begin with?  What difference did the lack of ethics reform make?  If it is a crime today it was a crime a week ago.

You do not need a Moreland Commission (other than for the political benifit)  you need to pick up a phone and call your local District Attorney and tell them you believe public official X has solicited campaign contributions in return for official acts.

I think JJOKE has already proved that a sitting DA is far from a guarantee of success, have we forgotten Janet DiFiore that quickly?  How many corruption cases did she make while the head of JJOKE?

At the end of the day pay to play is hard for law enforcement to prove but a solid temporal analysis of donations and actions is easy to perform.  JJOKE, Biben, Janet even the media could have done it anytime over the last year or the last decade.

Or you can just have the Moreland Commission staffed by the FBI and US Attorneys office they are doing the real work anyway.

Speaking of which did you hear Dan Horwitz announce that JJOKE has suspended cases (plural) at the request of law enforcement?  Its the feds getting ready to indict two more legislators.  Remember a wire protects the innocent as for the rest let's just sit back and guess who is on tape.

And my vast network of spy's tells me that Dan needs to do a lot of lifting to get his candidate past the Senate.  Remember Dan she used to work there and that body has a long institutional memory.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I guess Horwitz is not much of a salesman

14 minute meeting today.

Cost me money in the "how quick will the meeting be" pool.

I took under 11 minutes.

I might have won if Bulgaro hadn't asked a question that Calnero couldn't answer.

For that matter if Calnero hadn't spoken at all I win and the world is no worse off for not hearing what she had to say.

Is it me or is she starting to sound like Mike Furnari? (inside joke for the staff).

But back to the meeting.

The single most important statement was made by Chairman Horwitz reporting on the secret actions taken in the secret executive session. (remember you only have to report things you vote on and you should release the vote totals - ask Bob Freeman)

He said JJOKE is continuing the effort to recruit an executive director to replace Biben.

I guess more people read the blog than want to admit it.

Horwitz could not muster enough votes to appoint the 2nd floors selection.

Now don't get me wrong he had enough votes to constitute a majority but they want it to be unanimous - maybe one or two ravi batra type dissents but overwhelmingly in favor.

Horwitz may not be a salesman but he can count votes and he is too good a lawyer to ask a question when he doesn't like the answer.

But back to sales if the customer isn't buying your product you need incentives.

Think of it as a buy one get two free sale.

Here's the deal Dan and it will work.  You get the executive director and the majority in the senate and assembly get the general counsel and the press officer.

It's a layup and Monica doesn't want to stay, anyway the second floor will get her a good gig somewhere in NYC and you end up with addition by subtraction getting rid of the human smokestack (did anyone see him trip over the teleconference wire?  if commissioners at remote sites couldn't hear it was Milgrams fault).

More importantly everyone starts to feel comfortable again with guns pointed at each others heads.

If you don't like that idea you better hope no one from the legislature suggests Tina S. as the solution.

Friday, June 21, 2013

No ethics reform but God is doing his part

Now I'm not a particularly religious person but at many times in my career I have been absolutely positive that a higher force is giving me a helping hand. It felt that way when Speaker Silver's name popped up on a scrap of paper during an audit of Caesars Gaming and resulted in an illegal gift investigation. It felt that way when I got the phone call from the FBI about Joe Bruno shortly after Joe made it known he'd like to see me fired as a result of that Caesars investigation. It felt that way when I saw the Phillip Morris expense reports online and realized certain lobbyist were not at meals Phillip Morris said they were. It felt that way when I walked into the old PIC offices to deliver documents years ago and saw Steve Coffey and Susan Bruno emerge from the conference room. It felt that way when they left the mics live during the JJOKE executive session and it felt that way again yesterday.

What happened yesterday? I was at the JJOKE offices around noon to drop off a copy of a contract that I had previously dropped off but JJOKE could not find (thank god I hand deliver everything and get it date stamped and initialed). While at the front desk the conference room door opens and out walks Chairman Dan Horwitz and Commissioner Pat Bulgaro wearing matching blue dress shirts and conservative (for these 2 liberals) ties. They see me and instantly there is a shared look of "we just got caught" (I've seen my kids with that same look on their face). They are both pleasant to me and shake my hand but I can tell I've interrupted something. Bulgaro makes a comment about my wearing shorts in a business environment and Horwitz comments on my "got scotch" golf shirt. I tell Bulgaro that it was my business long before it was his and offer to tell Horwitz the meaning of the "got scotch shirt" (I got it after Walter Ayers famous quote that all the legislature wants to do is fill their bellies with scotch). Horwitz says he has to use the restroom and leaves and Bulgaro goes with him so I decide to wait. One - I want to tell them the story and two - something’s up and I've got time to see what comes next.

Anyway they both return, I tell my story and they go back in the conference room and close the door.

Hmmmmm if Uncle Vinny and George Weisman were around I'd guess they were interviewing candidates to replace Biben. Come to think of it a well dressed white haired gentleman was leaving JJOKE as I came in.

I decide to wait. And sure enough another well dressed individual enters the room and goes to the conference room door and tentatively knocks and enters.

Wow if these are interviews this person proves God is looking out for me.  But why keep them secret?   Oh thats right it's JJOKE everything is secret.

Now at first blush I think it can't be, they would never pick this person to replace Biben. It wouldn't pass the laugh test with the Albany media. But wait the media isn't paying attention to JJOKE, not only would it pass the laugh test the media will print all the bs quotes from the goo goos and others. "tremendously qualified" "long history of government service" "very familiar with the ethics needs in Albany" blah blah blah.

Then I think, it can't be because when Horwitz and I talked about finding someone to replace Biben he agreed with me it had to be someone from outside JJOKE and this person is an existing JJOKER.

In fact, last I heard Horwitz was considering a supremely qualified ex assistant us attorney in Albany and this person is as far away from that as you can get. It would be like comparing a 677 steak to a sabrett hot dog.

But let’s look at the positives the last 3 failures at executive director were all "smart new york city lawyers" this one certainly does not fit that mold.

The last 3 failures at executive director were all married to lobbyists or clients of lobbyists this one certainly does not fit that mold I don't think.  I heard some stories of a past relationship with a legislator but thats just rumor   I'll have to foil her financial disclosure reports and see whats there.

But this one has an attribute in spades that the last three also had. Absolute control by the governor’s office.

Now it starts to make sense.  I had heard Horwitz was having a little disagreement with the 2nd floor. If they are pushing this person to replace Biben, Horwitz is savvy enough to realize that appointing this person will clearly show JJOKE is still under the complete control of the 2nd floor HUGE MISTAKE but great for my business.

But how will they get it past the legislative appointees? Bulgaro and Weismann have witnessed what allowing the 2nd floor to control JJOKE results in. Hang in there Shelly the session is almost over.

Now I have no doubts the 2nd floor can get a couple of legislative votes and thereby have a majority. Horwitz can count votes it’s not rocket science. A nut less monkey can get 8 commissioners to vote for anything. But I've got a hunch they will want this to be unanimous.

So in the interests of giving back here is how you do it.

Interview 8 to 10 people

Select three including the person I saw.

Make sure the other two have issues or will drop out

Then at the meeting to vote for the person to replace Biben the commissioners only have one choice unless they want to reopen the search which has already taken two months. And remember there is no acting executive director to run things (you are welcome Dan don't ever say I didn't give you good advice).

And quite frankly if JJOKE wants to keep focusing on sex in the legislature this person should have a wealth of firsthand knowledge of the subject.

At the end of the day God is looking out for me.  I get new blog material, my business will keep growing and I learn that Dan Horwitz will do as he is told by his appointing authority.

And for anyone who wants to know which JJOKER is next in line to replace Biben get on your knees and pray or stop by JJOKE every now and then you would be amazed at what you can learn.

As for the person who is going to replace Biben   we have a mutual friend whom I had made a promise to that I would not criticize you in the blog but that was before you moved into the top job.  All bets are off  I'll be fair but you don't get the pass I gave Biben  I've learned my lesson.

Monday, June 17, 2013

IDC Initiative who are they? and why aren't they registered as lobbyists?

Since I know at least Ken Lovett and the Daily News read the blog and will followup on my unregistered lobbyist queries I'll try again in the hopes that the overpaid under talented lacking a leader crowd at JJOKE may WAKE UP and do some work.

Watch this ad

Now I might not know everything about the definition of lobbying and I know plenty of folks think I'm wrong when I say the State Democratic Party should be registered as lobbyists for their ads (btw all those folks that say political parties are exempt from lobby registration please cite me the section of the Lobby Act that says thats the case) but this ad is clearly lobbying and it says it is paid for by the IDC Initiative. 

Somebody at JJOKE please wake up and open a file on the IDC Initiative as an unregistered lobbyist.

For the three monkey crowd at the LCA you might want to think about asking some questions.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Unregistered lobbyists does JJOKE care? does the media care? why should I care?

Back in the old days this time of year brought lots of unregistered lobbyist cases to investigate.  All I needed to do was listen to the radio, watch television, drive around and see the billboards.  Old habits die hard and I still make note of all the lobby ads and occasionally see who isn't registered.  I wonder if anyone at JJOKE does that? I wonder if anyone in the media does?

Well it's not my job and unless someone is paying me to help or hurt an unregistered lobbyist I should just mind my own business, but old habits die hard so here is one last list of unregistered lobbyists I'd be looking at if the lobby commission still existed.  Hope it helps whomever still cares about this sort of thing.

Artists Against Fracking - Yoko Ono . . . hot issue celebrity involvement make it a good case to look at

Fair Elections for New York coalition . . .hot issue celebrity involvement make it a good case to look at

New York State Democratic Party . . . it doesn't get any bigger  possible gift to public official is a bonus

Feminists Choosing Life of NY Action, Inc. . .  the top issue today

I could go on and on but for anyone interested its a good start and for JJOKE it represents 10 Vito Lopez investigations worth of time and energy

"We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us"

What's the big secret? Times Union editorial close but no bullseye

The Times Union has an editorial today about JJOKE and it's secrecy

Since I'm on a roll with the media's role as enabler in Albany's ethics swamp let me continue.

The editorial is spot on when it says there is no legitimate reason for the continued secrecy at JJOKE.  By the way that has been the case for the last 6 years but better late than never when it comes to the media noticing the obvious.   But the Times Union editorial board falls into the same old "lets pass legislation to fix this problem" mantra.  Worse this time the editorial gives the individual commissioners a pass . . . it's not their fault, according to the editorial, the law doesn't allow disclosure.  HORSESHIT!!!!! or as Marcel Proust would say CONNERIES!!!!!!! (proper punctuation?). 

IT"S THE PEOPLE STUPID as I blogged yesterday the commissioners can disclose anything they want to about Gropergate, the law allows them to, all they need to do is make a motion and pass a resolution.  All the media needs to do is read the law (I posted it on my blog) and start asking the commissioners some questions . . . like why don't you disclose this information.  When they give you the conneries about the law will not allow it ask them to explain why they don't use the part of the statute that permits them to authorize the disclosure of this information and then print the no comment response.

In case you don't know who the commissioners are here is a list, their phone numbers are easily found (just look at past blog entries):

Dan Horwitz - Cuomo appointee
David Arroyo - Cuomo appointee
Patrick Bulgaro - Silver appointee
Joe Covello - Skelos appointee
LaShann DeArcy - Sampson appointee
Vince DeIorio - Cuomo appointee
Mitra Hormozi -Cuomo appointee
Marvin Jacob - Silver appointee
Seymor Knox - Cuomo appointee
Gary Lavine - Cuomo appointee
Mary Lou Rath - Skelos appointee
David Renzi- Kolb appointee
George Weissmann- Skelos appointee
Ellen Yaroshefsky - Silver appointee

All you need is eight of the fourteen to agree that the information the Times Union is seeking may be released - problem solved.

But if you never ask you are delusional if you think you will get the information.

"Nine tenths of the ills from which intelligent people suffer spring from their intellect.”

Thursday, June 13, 2013

An ethics mulligan

Another goo goo has joined the fight.  Bill Samuels is in the news again. I don't know this person. I've heard he's a nice guy I’ve also heard his father was involved with Mario Cuomo back in the day,  but the truth is that I really don't care about that. For my purposes, it's irrelevant whether he's a saint or SOB.

All that interests me is whether people follow the rules. I am extra interested in this when we're talking about people who present themselves as doing “the right thing” when it comes to ethics reform in New York.

A person standing up to make a speech about doing “the right thing” had better do “the right thing” himself or herself.

There is nothing easier than writing a blog about ethics and hypocracy.  I’ve been using that theme to write about Ellen Biben, Herb Teitelbaum, Barry Ginsberg, John Feerick, Michael Cherkasky, JJOKE etc etc  well you get the idea the list appears to be endless.

But back to Mr. Samuels. He is now making a lot of public statements about the influence of money in politics and need for campaign finance reform.

Good for him. He’s got a right to do that no matter how wrong he may be – so long as he follows the rules. But there may be a question about that.  I’ve been receiving lots of tips that I or my new organization Ethics Watch ought to take a look at Mr. Samuels.

It seems Mr. Samuels, a Harvard/MIT grad, runs a group called the New Roosevelt Institute, a New York Not for Profit corporation that has applied to the IRS for 501c3 status.

Under   federal law, such organizations are limited in their lobbying activity as well as their political advocacy.

But what Mr. Samuels is doing – arguing for passage of a specific bill – sure seems like lobbying.

Forget about state lobbying rules for a moment – and that’s easily done since JJOKE won’t enforce anything unless told to do so by a higher power.  Focus instead on the IRS, which has rules about charities getting involved in lobbying and political activity. Those rules dictate that an organization can lose its tax exempt status if involved in lobbying and/or political activity.

What activity? Well, it’s pretty clear: You’re not supposed to attempt to influence legislation or support/oppose candidates for office.

It would appear that Mr. Samuels recent activities, that were reported in the media, establish that he is engaged in such activity. Again, he's issuing news releases under his organization's letterhead, and making other public statements citing his affiliation.

Now I don’t know for sure whether Mr. Samuels is violating any laws. I’ve only looked quickly at the available materials and reports.

That said, there is at least a question about whether he is complying fully with all the appropriate laws.

If he is, fine. But if he's not, we'll have to add him to the list of people who I think deserve a special place in you know where. Right there next to Ellen and Herb and Barry and everyone else who thinks the rules don’t apply to them.

The major difference in my approach with Mr. Samuels is he appears to have lots of cash and he isn’t afraid to spend it, so in the interests of cultivating new friends, here is some free advice Mr. Samuels, do it right from the beginning.  Don’t make it easy for someone like me to criticize you.  If you are not wearing a white hat don’t parade around in a black hat with a target on it.

Because when it comes to ethics reform guys like me are up on the roof just waiting to pull the trigger.

That’s my good deed for the week let’s see if Karma will reward me.

At the very least it should wipe my slate clean.  Call it an ethics mulligan.

How to find out who voted not to investigate Shelly

The Times Union has a very well punctuated story today about JJOKE's refusal to provide any additional information about gropergate.  Jimmy V smartly requested minutes regarding the vote and transcripts of Shelly's testimony.  Smart because he gets a story, well punctuated, either way.  He either writes about what the information he requested is or he writes about JJOKE's refusal to provide it.  It's like reading Proust in the Park, its a no lose, either you understand what Proust is writing and grow spiritually from the reading or if you don't those that see you will think you are a learned man, even if you don't understand a word but can find all the bad punctuation.

Anyway back to JJOKE and it's reliance that it is not subject to FOIL.  There is an easy fix for the media's frustration over being unable to get the vote totals (if you ask me 4 commissioners refused to authorize an investigation of Shelly and as a result Biben never asked for a vote she couldn't win. . . remember the meeting where Marvin Jacobs made a motion to discuss the case in public that was defeated by the Cuomo appointees, thats when it happened . . . good work Marvin) heres the fix.


Executive Law section 94 states at paragraph 9-a sub b and c as follows:
"(b)Except as otherwise required or provided by law, testimony received or any other information obtained by a commissioner or staff of the commission shall not be disclosed by any such individual to any person or entity outside the commission during the pendency of any matter. Any confidential communication to any person or entity outside the commission related to the matters before the commission may occur only as authorized by the commission.

(c) The commission shall establish procedures necessary to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of any information received by any member of the commission or staff of the commission. Any breaches of confidentiality shall be investigated by the inspector general and appropriate action shall be taken. Any commissioner or person employed by the commission who intentionally and without authorization releases confidential information received by the commission shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor. "

It's pretty simple, stupid, the commissioners can individually release that information for 2 seperate reasons.

One the matter isn't pending anymore. It's over, finished, done.  The reporters should be asking the commissioners directly to answer questions.  THEY CAN IF THEY WANT TO and any commissioner refusing should be asked what they are hiding and when they still refuse to provide this vitally important information splash their name all over your editorial pages ruining whats left of their reputations.  If you need their phone numbers I posted them on the blog last winter.

Two the commission as a body can authorize the release of the information.  At the next meeting the media should pack the room and demand a vote to authorize the release of this vitally important information.  Get Marvin Jacobs to make the motion and lets watch the wiggling begin.  Once again when they still refuse to provide this vitally important information splash their name all over your editorial pages ruining whats left of their reputations. If you need their phone numbers I posted them on the blog last winter.

If the media really wants the information use the power of the pen AND GO GET IT.  Stop being so polite.  Anyone who has ever been in a street fight knows there are no rules and usually the fight ends with the first garbage can to the back of the head. 

Here I'll show you how.  Mr. Weissman did you ever vote for an investigation of Speaker Silver? Mr. Weissman can you explain why you are refusing to tell the public how you voted?  Mr. Weissman can you explain who you are protecting by your silence?  Mr. Weissman what public purpose are you serving by hiding your actions in this case.  Mr. Weissman are you afraid of something?  Mr. Weissman are you the source of Grandeau's information? (I can answer that I've never spoken to George Weissman).  Mr. Weissman do you consider your service on JJOKE to be something you are proud of?  Mr. Weissman when will you be resigning?  Do that for all 14 commissioners on camera at the next meeting and come up with your own tough questions don't let them hide in the shadows anymore.

Or the media can always go in the park and read Proust, there is no downside to that.

Remember "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes"  A smart dude said that in french a long time ago.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The goo goos and creelan strike again

Here we go again and again and again and again

A new package of legislation created and drafted by the dark prince of ethics, the Brennan Centers own Jeremy Creelan and supported enthusiastically by the witches from Macbeth standing around their bubbling cauldron of good government bullshit Susan Lerner et al. has arrived.

When will the media smarten up and ask some tough questions about ethics reform, reform, reform, reform?

I could have sworn ethics reform was done when Jeremy fd it up last time and created JJOKE.

I could have sworn ethics reform was done when Susan cackled that the source of funding and business relationship disclosures were the answer. . .  Hell, Susan's own source of funding disclosure is at best incomplete and late and at worst a complete sham.  Hey Susan do you still think those disclosure requirements matter?

Now I could go back and pull all the old quotes from the usual caste of characters about how this legislation is the dawn of a new day for Albany but why bother the media has the collective memory of a fruit fly when it comes to this stuff.  They report it as if its the first time they ever heard it with quotes from Creelan, Lerner and the governor as if they actually had meaning.

I can hear KC and the rest of the Albany sunshine band muttering as they read the blog and believe me they read the blog . . .just another poorly punctuated rant from Grandeau, I can't remember the last time he was right about any of this stuff.  All he does is predict the future he never stops telling us its the people stupid.

Well here are a couple more predictions the media can ignore or spellcheck whichever they prefer.

JJOKE is interviewing at least 8 to 10 people whose resumes they received from or the 2nd floor.

Those interviews are being done in secret, even from the majority of commissioners.

One of the candidates is the selection of the 2nd floor the rest are just involved in a circle jerk.

Only the 2nd floor and the JJOKE chair know who the selection will be.

The selection will be made after the legislative JJOKE commissioners are faced with the realization that they have no choice.

The new 2nd floor ED will be in the same mold as the last 2nd floor ED.

Creelan and the goo goos will applaud the selection.

The media will print all the canned quotes.

A new day will dawn on ethics reform.

And I'll have plenty of new material for the blog.

Imagine if they picked Creelan or Lerner.  How great would that be?  Let them live with the abortion they conceived.

The mere thought of that has me craving the opportunity to educate Susan Arbetter about what goes on in the capital . . . again.

And speaking of education which JJOKE employee took a teaching gig at a University that is subject to the jurisdiction of JJOKE, without informing the commissioners?  Bad judgement.  And as soon as I get her financial disclosure I'll file a complaint alleging a violation of the Public Officers Law.  You see I have a long memory and a short list.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Irresponsible allegations

My My My did I upset the media folks yesterday with my appearance on Susan Arbetter's Capital Pressroom.

I was asked by Susan to be on to talk about JJOKE's failure to include an email related to an allegation about Speaker Silver in the documents they collected as part of the monumental waste of time known as the Vito Lopez investigation.

Somehow Susan and Mickey Carroll (the Quinnipiac pollster) got diverted into a conversation about female reporters in Albany and Susan pointed out that we now have more of them. Why she said it I don't know but I provacatively noted that just means more opportunity for one or more female members of the media to sleep with a legislator.

Susan was visibly upset and asked if I would care to name names.

And thats where the media doesn't get the bigger picture

Who cares?  If the media cared about who was sleeping with who in government why didn't they go waste resources to find out?  It's only, pardon the pun, sexy now because someone is using the issue to attempt to leverage the speaker.

Weeks ago a Times Union reporter was talking to me about John Sampson and rumors regarding his alleged relationship with a female lobbyist.  I told the reporter I had heard the same rumors and I would certainly read the story but was the reporter prepared to follow the theme and really investigate the issue?  The reporter wrote the story and that was that no larger story about the issue.  And I was fine with that because at the end of the day who cares?  There are more relevant ethics issues that the media completely misses.  I've gotten used to it.

But half an hour ago Casey Seiler called me to ask if I would name names.

I told him what I told Susan the answer is no but you are missing the point.  Casey accused me of being irresponsible.  You pushed my button Casey and I gave him a quote for the record "when it comes to the media and reporting ethics do you think I give a shit about being irresponsible?"

If you care about my allegation Casey go out and ask people in the Albany media past and present if they've slept with people in the legislature.  I hope they all tell you to go F yourself.

Maybe then you will get the point I was making.  It's irresponsible to write about the issue now.    And if you plan on starting to cover the subject you will need to buy more ink. 

There is plenty of corruption in Albany that JJOKE ignores, plenty of lobby law violations that everyone tolerates, plenty of per diem and expense abuse that you can't seem to focus on.  And I get it everyone wants to read about the sex.  The media is more than happy to become a home for the ethical voyeurs.

So just think of me as an ethics tease.  Enjoy the hunt or go take a cold shower.

UPDATE  The blog is receiving more traffic more quickly as a result of this story than anything I've ever written.  What does that say about media coverage of ethics in Albany?  Thankyou goes out to Capital Tonight and the Times Union for linking their stories to my story.  How long will it take for those in the media to get the point of my comment and my manipulation of their instinct to be defensive?   If any of you folks in the media want me on your show to talk about the media's role in Albany's ethical morass I'm ready willing and able.  If you want me to name names save yourself the trouble and do a google search.   And Casey this is for you , , ' : ; ! ,.  Being able to punctuate properly doesn't make you more relevant.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

PJ will get the last laugh

I got a call today from an old client and good friend up in Watertown NY.  When I first began my consulting practice PJ was one of my first clients and I think I learned quite a bit from him on how to and how not to run a business.  PJ wondered if I was OK as he hadn't seen me blog in awhile.  I forget sometimes its not just the 25 people with an interest in ethics in Albany that read the blog there are others out there. 

And sure enough the more I thought about PJ the memories of his fight with the regulators up in Watertown came flooding back, especially the missed opportunity to file an ethics complaint against PJ's chief tormenter, the head of the AG's Watertown office, John T Sullivan. 

In what has become standard operating procedure for me now when I first started with PJ I did a background on Sullivan.  And lo and behold found out that he had bought a car from one of PJ's companies and got a sweetheart financing deal from Honda, way better than his credit deserved.  There were even records and notes showing that with his spotty credit history he had no business getting this deal and that his position in NY State government was a big reason for it.

My instinct was to file the complaint with the old PIC showing an illegal gift a violation of the Public Officer's Law but nooooooooo we were all afraid of how the then AG would react if we criticized Mr. Sullivan.  So the bullet never got loaded and the trigger never got pulled.  You live and learn.

And then I saw Mr. Sullivan is still kicking around, he left the AG and went to the Medicaid IG and then retired and now lives in Saratoga Springs where last week he penned an op ed telling his old boss at the AG our present Governor how to be governor.  4 concrete suggestions that read more like concrete criticisms of the governor. 

Talk about biting the hand that protected you. You have no idea how lucky you were John.  Had it been up to me you would have been under oath explaining how you got that deal on that Honda.

By the way for those 25 people in Albany that read the blog or more specifically anyone around the gov  I still have all the records on Mr. Sullivan's sweetheart financing if you are looking for a little payback on the ungrateful Mr. Sullivan give me a call.

And John count your lucky stars that PJ is a gentleman had I seen you in that bar in Sackets Harbor you would have gotton bitchslapped, metaphorically of course.