Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The goo goos and creelan strike again

Here we go again and again and again and again

A new package of legislation created and drafted by the dark prince of ethics, the Brennan Centers own Jeremy Creelan and supported enthusiastically by the witches from Macbeth standing around their bubbling cauldron of good government bullshit Susan Lerner et al. has arrived.

When will the media smarten up and ask some tough questions about ethics reform, reform, reform, reform?

I could have sworn ethics reform was done when Jeremy fd it up last time and created JJOKE.

I could have sworn ethics reform was done when Susan cackled that the source of funding and business relationship disclosures were the answer. . .  Hell, Susan's own source of funding disclosure is at best incomplete and late and at worst a complete sham.  Hey Susan do you still think those disclosure requirements matter?

Now I could go back and pull all the old quotes from the usual caste of characters about how this legislation is the dawn of a new day for Albany but why bother the media has the collective memory of a fruit fly when it comes to this stuff.  They report it as if its the first time they ever heard it with quotes from Creelan, Lerner and the governor as if they actually had meaning.

I can hear KC and the rest of the Albany sunshine band muttering as they read the blog and believe me they read the blog . . .just another poorly punctuated rant from Grandeau, I can't remember the last time he was right about any of this stuff.  All he does is predict the future he never stops telling us its the people stupid.

Well here are a couple more predictions the media can ignore or spellcheck whichever they prefer.

JJOKE is interviewing at least 8 to 10 people whose resumes they received from or the 2nd floor.

Those interviews are being done in secret, even from the majority of commissioners.

One of the candidates is the selection of the 2nd floor the rest are just involved in a circle jerk.

Only the 2nd floor and the JJOKE chair know who the selection will be.

The selection will be made after the legislative JJOKE commissioners are faced with the realization that they have no choice.

The new 2nd floor ED will be in the same mold as the last 2nd floor ED.

Creelan and the goo goos will applaud the selection.

The media will print all the canned quotes.

A new day will dawn on ethics reform.

And I'll have plenty of new material for the blog.

Imagine if they picked Creelan or Lerner.  How great would that be?  Let them live with the abortion they conceived.

The mere thought of that has me craving the opportunity to educate Susan Arbetter about what goes on in the capital . . . again.

And speaking of education which JJOKE employee took a teaching gig at a University that is subject to the jurisdiction of JJOKE, without informing the commissioners?  Bad judgement.  And as soon as I get her financial disclosure I'll file a complaint alleging a violation of the Public Officers Law.  You see I have a long memory and a short list.

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