Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just a question not a criticism

I'm starting to read and hear about the gov's next Moreland Commission.

And a thought popped into my head.

More a question than a thought.

And it is just a question at this point not a criticism.

I know how sensitive the 2nd floor is to criticism.

And deep down I'm a wimp, I'm not looking for a fight.

So this is just a question remember its just a question not a criticism, not a judgement, not a critique, not a panning, not a barb, not an attack, not a denunciation, not an impugnment, not a vilification, just a question maybe at most an observation.  Certainly nothing for the 2nd floor to call anyone and complain about.

The gov has stated that he is going to place top notch law enforcemnt types on the panel including sitting District Attorney's.  The rationale is if they find something they can act on it.  I'll bet the head of this new panel will be a sitting DA, probably a republican (bipartisan blah blah blah).

Now here's my question  If the gov believes that there is corruption in campaign donations and pay to play practices, and I have no doubt there is, why do these top notch law enforcemnt types need the Moreland Act jurisdiction to investigate?  Can't a sitting District Attorney, say David Soares or Cyrus Vance just ask the governor what it is he knows that provides the rationale to invoke the Moreland Act to begin with?  What difference did the lack of ethics reform make?  If it is a crime today it was a crime a week ago.

You do not need a Moreland Commission (other than for the political benifit)  you need to pick up a phone and call your local District Attorney and tell them you believe public official X has solicited campaign contributions in return for official acts.

I think JJOKE has already proved that a sitting DA is far from a guarantee of success, have we forgotten Janet DiFiore that quickly?  How many corruption cases did she make while the head of JJOKE?

At the end of the day pay to play is hard for law enforcement to prove but a solid temporal analysis of donations and actions is easy to perform.  JJOKE, Biben, Janet even the media could have done it anytime over the last year or the last decade.

Or you can just have the Moreland Commission staffed by the FBI and US Attorneys office they are doing the real work anyway.

Speaking of which did you hear Dan Horwitz announce that JJOKE has suspended cases (plural) at the request of law enforcement?  Its the feds getting ready to indict two more legislators.  Remember a wire protects the innocent as for the rest let's just sit back and guess who is on tape.

And my vast network of spy's tells me that Dan needs to do a lot of lifting to get his candidate past the Senate.  Remember Dan she used to work there and that body has a long institutional memory.

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