Monday, July 1, 2013

Be careful with that first step says Skelos

A legislative body can also do things we feel are appropriate,” Skelos, R-Long Island, said on “The Capitol Pressroom.” “If this is just aimed at the Legislature, I think that would be inappropriate. Certainly, the governor runs for office. He’s raised close to $30 million in his campaign committee. "… Everybody should be cautious here when they move forward"

Exactly what does Senator Skelos think everyone should be cautious of?

A plain reading would lead a reasonable person to the conclusion that Senator Skelos believes the governor may have campaign finance transgressions of his own which a partisan senate hearing could disclose.

But if that was the case Skelos should disclose what he knows about the governor's campaign accounts immediately to the appropriate law enforcement body.

Just as the governor should disclose any information he has that he is basing his call for a Moreland Commission on.

Now either the governor and Skelos know something that they are innapropriately keeping from the public about corruption in Albany, in which case I'm sure JJOKE will investigate and charge them with violations of the Public Officer's Law (I know stop laughing) or

They have no actual knowledge of corruption related to the State Board of Elections BUT THINK IT EXISTS WITHOUT EVIDENCE  which in my opinion is worse than hiding the actual corruption for later use as leverage.

Think about the spot the governor and Skelos have placed themselves in if only a reporter would ask them the question "What do you know about campaign corruption and why haven't you reported it?"

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