Monday, July 29, 2013

Another One bites the dust and one more reputation goes into the garbage can

So Pat Bulgaro has finally pulled the plug.

That took forever.

I advised Pat (and several other commissioners) to resign last summer.when it became obvious to me that JJOKE was going to be just another bad imitation of Elliot "Snookie" Spitzer's Public Integrity Commission.

Some took my advice quicker than others.

Some are still thinking about it.

And one says he can't resign, which generates a whole bunch of conspiracy theories for a guy like me.

But anyway I'm happy Pat is getting out with what is left of his once superb reputation.

The question I have for Pat, and I'll ask him in person is why did you stay as long as you did?

He had to know how badly JJOKE's actions or lack thereof reflected on him and yet he stayed.

I went thru thick and thin with Pat when he was the Chair of the old Lobby Commission, if he stayed at JJOKE there has to have been a reason.

And obviously at some point recently the cost to stay exceeded the cost to leave.

That means something happened in the last month or so that pushed Pat over the edge.  My bet it's the Latitzia appointment as executive director.  I heard the legislative appointees were being pressured or enticed, depending upon the circumstances.

Knowing Pat like I do either approach would be a mistake if he wanted out.

Maybe someday we will all learn the real reason.

Until then it's just a waiting game to see who leaves next and if Latitzia gets her appointment.

If nothing else Pat leaving before the meeting makes it easier (7 votes instead of 8 needed) if his resignation is effective after the meeting it gets tougher for Horwitz to muster the support he needs this meeting. 

JJOKE wrecking reputations for the last 2 years.

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