Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Who stands where on the Latitzia appointment vote

OK this blog is for the hardcore students of JJOKE, those that study JJOKE meetings like it was a new term of the Supreme Court.  In other words me.  I want to make some notes about where each commissioner stands on the Latitzia appointment and why.

I've learned that Horwitz thought he had the majority of votes he needed to appoint Latitzia and was going to do it in executive session.  Milgram had already cryptically leaked to a couple of media folks that the real news from the meeting would come in the form of an announcement after the meeting.

But when certain legislative appointees figured out what was coming they took my advice (given thru multiple sources and cutouts) and threatened to make a motion to discuss the appointment in public.

Horwitz blinked, changed his drawers and decided to have another conversation but no vote in executive session.

Next time the legislative appointees ought to nominate Latizia in public session force a vote and let the chips fall where they may.

Anyway here is where I think each commissioner stands based on my observations, conversations with current and former commissioners and sundry other spies both in and out of government.

Cuomo appointees in favor of Latitzia:

Dan Horwitz - Dan has stated prior to Latitzia being promoted by the 2nd floor that he did not think any present JJOKE staffer could or should replace Biben.  Then he got a phone call and now he will move heaven and earth to get Latitzia the votes she needs.

Uncle Vinny DeIorio - Uncle Vinny has bills to pay.  He got his niece rehired and his lawfirm has clients that appear before state agencies.  A solid yes vote for Latitzia and maybe willing to get his hands dirty to get it done.

David Arroyo - Too new to do anything but follow Horwitz's lead.  A solid yes vote for now.

Mitra Hormozi - Get along and go along at this point.  Working in Steve Cohen's law firm makes her a team player.  She will swallow hard and vote for Latitzia and hope no one notices.  My bet for the next commissioner to resign.

Seymor Knox - Lets play golf.  Once he realizes who Latitzia is and what job she wants he will do as he is told.  Makes him a yes vote if he gets off the golf course in time to vote.

Cuomo appointees on the fence when it comes to Latitzia:

Gary Lavine - With Bulgaro gone the smartest commissioner left.  Intellectually knows Latitzia is not right for the job.  Has been keeping his head in the sand.  What he doesn't know about the process lets him sleep at night.  Would love for Latitzia to withdraw or garner enough support so he is just one of the crowd.  Force a public vote and he will be a no unless its unanimous.

Legislative appointees on the fence when it comes to Latitzia:

Mary Lou Rath - She knows the game if Dean says yes she is a yes.

Joe Covello - Lets have fun commissioner.  Getting tired of the BS.  I didn't sign on for this stress. The  I don't care vote if I have to.

Leshann DeArcy and David Renzi- Prior to yesterdays meeting I would have said the most likely yes votes.  They are the representatives of the Senate Dems and Assembly republicans so normally no one pays attention to them.  Should have been an easy sell for Horwitz.  But something has gone wrong and they turned into the most vocal leaders of the legislative voting bloc. 

Legislative appointees who will not vote for Latitzia:

Marvin Jacobs and Ellen Yaroshefsy - They have lived with what happens to their appointing authority when a Cuomo controlled Executive Director is running JJOKE.  Never again.  I bet they wish they took the advice to resign in mass with Pat.

George Weissman - With Bulgaro gone the defacto leader of the legislative appointees. A no vote yesterday. A no vote today and a no vote forever.

Before yesterdays meeting it was 5 in favor with 4 against and 5 undecided (Bulgaro was a no vote).

As of today I'd say it is 5 in favor 5 against (Skelos has spoken) and 3 undecided.

Dan Horwitz has his work cut out.

Why don't you guys get smart and pick Tina (you know who I'm talking about Dan)  It will be unanimous and she can do the job.  Of course the 2nd floor doesn't control her so maybe thats a non starter.

Until then its gridlock until someone gets caught doing something stupid (thats ment for you Uncle Vinny)

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