Friday, June 21, 2013

No ethics reform but God is doing his part

Now I'm not a particularly religious person but at many times in my career I have been absolutely positive that a higher force is giving me a helping hand. It felt that way when Speaker Silver's name popped up on a scrap of paper during an audit of Caesars Gaming and resulted in an illegal gift investigation. It felt that way when I got the phone call from the FBI about Joe Bruno shortly after Joe made it known he'd like to see me fired as a result of that Caesars investigation. It felt that way when I saw the Phillip Morris expense reports online and realized certain lobbyist were not at meals Phillip Morris said they were. It felt that way when I walked into the old PIC offices to deliver documents years ago and saw Steve Coffey and Susan Bruno emerge from the conference room. It felt that way when they left the mics live during the JJOKE executive session and it felt that way again yesterday.

What happened yesterday? I was at the JJOKE offices around noon to drop off a copy of a contract that I had previously dropped off but JJOKE could not find (thank god I hand deliver everything and get it date stamped and initialed). While at the front desk the conference room door opens and out walks Chairman Dan Horwitz and Commissioner Pat Bulgaro wearing matching blue dress shirts and conservative (for these 2 liberals) ties. They see me and instantly there is a shared look of "we just got caught" (I've seen my kids with that same look on their face). They are both pleasant to me and shake my hand but I can tell I've interrupted something. Bulgaro makes a comment about my wearing shorts in a business environment and Horwitz comments on my "got scotch" golf shirt. I tell Bulgaro that it was my business long before it was his and offer to tell Horwitz the meaning of the "got scotch shirt" (I got it after Walter Ayers famous quote that all the legislature wants to do is fill their bellies with scotch). Horwitz says he has to use the restroom and leaves and Bulgaro goes with him so I decide to wait. One - I want to tell them the story and two - something’s up and I've got time to see what comes next.

Anyway they both return, I tell my story and they go back in the conference room and close the door.

Hmmmmm if Uncle Vinny and George Weisman were around I'd guess they were interviewing candidates to replace Biben. Come to think of it a well dressed white haired gentleman was leaving JJOKE as I came in.

I decide to wait. And sure enough another well dressed individual enters the room and goes to the conference room door and tentatively knocks and enters.

Wow if these are interviews this person proves God is looking out for me.  But why keep them secret?   Oh thats right it's JJOKE everything is secret.

Now at first blush I think it can't be, they would never pick this person to replace Biben. It wouldn't pass the laugh test with the Albany media. But wait the media isn't paying attention to JJOKE, not only would it pass the laugh test the media will print all the bs quotes from the goo goos and others. "tremendously qualified" "long history of government service" "very familiar with the ethics needs in Albany" blah blah blah.

Then I think, it can't be because when Horwitz and I talked about finding someone to replace Biben he agreed with me it had to be someone from outside JJOKE and this person is an existing JJOKER.

In fact, last I heard Horwitz was considering a supremely qualified ex assistant us attorney in Albany and this person is as far away from that as you can get. It would be like comparing a 677 steak to a sabrett hot dog.

But let’s look at the positives the last 3 failures at executive director were all "smart new york city lawyers" this one certainly does not fit that mold.

The last 3 failures at executive director were all married to lobbyists or clients of lobbyists this one certainly does not fit that mold I don't think.  I heard some stories of a past relationship with a legislator but thats just rumor   I'll have to foil her financial disclosure reports and see whats there.

But this one has an attribute in spades that the last three also had. Absolute control by the governor’s office.

Now it starts to make sense.  I had heard Horwitz was having a little disagreement with the 2nd floor. If they are pushing this person to replace Biben, Horwitz is savvy enough to realize that appointing this person will clearly show JJOKE is still under the complete control of the 2nd floor HUGE MISTAKE but great for my business.

But how will they get it past the legislative appointees? Bulgaro and Weismann have witnessed what allowing the 2nd floor to control JJOKE results in. Hang in there Shelly the session is almost over.

Now I have no doubts the 2nd floor can get a couple of legislative votes and thereby have a majority. Horwitz can count votes it’s not rocket science. A nut less monkey can get 8 commissioners to vote for anything. But I've got a hunch they will want this to be unanimous.

So in the interests of giving back here is how you do it.

Interview 8 to 10 people

Select three including the person I saw.

Make sure the other two have issues or will drop out

Then at the meeting to vote for the person to replace Biben the commissioners only have one choice unless they want to reopen the search which has already taken two months. And remember there is no acting executive director to run things (you are welcome Dan don't ever say I didn't give you good advice).

And quite frankly if JJOKE wants to keep focusing on sex in the legislature this person should have a wealth of firsthand knowledge of the subject.

At the end of the day God is looking out for me.  I get new blog material, my business will keep growing and I learn that Dan Horwitz will do as he is told by his appointing authority.

And for anyone who wants to know which JJOKER is next in line to replace Biben get on your knees and pray or stop by JJOKE every now and then you would be amazed at what you can learn.

As for the person who is going to replace Biben   we have a mutual friend whom I had made a promise to that I would not criticize you in the blog but that was before you moved into the top job.  All bets are off  I'll be fair but you don't get the pass I gave Biben  I've learned my lesson.

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