Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well the long awaited report by Judge Kaye into the domestic violence case involving the governors aid is out and surprise, surprise it turns out that the governor and the people around him made errors in judgment in the way they handled the situation.

I kept reading the report trying to see what all the hoopla had been about surely someone had done something wrong. I mean this is New York government we are talking about someone is always violating some law or rule. Even when there is no violation someone has to pay a fine (see the blog below regarding Dopp). Oh sure the report says that David Johnson may have violated criminal laws related to the domestic violence incident but we knew that just reading the New York Times reporting initially.

And then PRESTO I found it and my faith in New York government was restored. And even better it was something the Public Integrity Commission should have found and acted upon. All is right with the world a scandal occurred and a violation of the Public Officers Law is going unnoticed and unpunished by the Public Integrity Commission.

What is it you ask? That’s too easy. I’ll give you a hint you can find it on pages 34 – 37. If no one guesses it by next week I’ll post it here with the analysis of why the actions violate the Public Officers Law.

As an aside I’ve got a new game its called seven degrees of PIC. Can you connect the participants in an integrity scandal to PIC in less than seven people? This one’s easy Judge Kaye’s child is married to Herb Teitelbaum’s child and Herb is the former executive director of the PIC who resigned after leaking information in the Dopp matter to the Spitzer folk.

You can’t make this stuff up and no one would believe you if you did.


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  2. Hey David,

    Love the blog. I know you're fighting the good fight but just think about it. We both know the corruption that's going on at the LOCAL and STATE level. BUT, can you imagine what's going on at the national and global level?

    You can't even imagine. It would rock your world!