Saturday, August 14, 2010

What comes after an ethical lynching? A rigged trial of course!

Anyone else going to the David Patterson - Yankee ticket hearing Tuesday at the PIC? I’ll be there with my box of popcorn, there is nothing I like more than watching a good show trial after the defendant has been ethically lynched.

What ever happened to waiting and deferring to Judge Kaye’s investigation to be completed before moving ahead with a hearing? My guess is the King and his court jesters read the first Kaye report and decided they could not afford to wait. After all if Judge Kaye were to report that no violation occurred the court jesters might be forced to explain why they ethically lynched the governor back in February.

Be that as it may I had a thought for Ted Wells, the gov’s counsel in this matter (and another reason I’m going Tuesday is to watch Mr. Wells dissect the jesters in front of an audience.) And Mr. Wells is far more talented and experienced than I could ever hope to be but I may know a fact or two about these clowns that he doesn’t. Here’s the thought I had, over a year ago special counsel Ralph issued a late fee to a lobbyist based on the fact that the lobbyist received a check from a client dated over 15 days prior to the lobbyist’s registration. (There are those dang due dates and late fees again Ralph, I did warn you). Now special counsel Ralph was told that the check was not deposited till some later date (a fact he should have known if he turned the check over and looked at the deposit date stamped on the back of the check by the bank) but special counsel Ralph said it doesn’t matter the date written on the front is what the court jesters use to determine when the lobbyist was paid. I don’t know where, when or how special counsel Ralph came up with this legal conclusion but he did and he collected his late fee based upon it. But wouldn’t it be special for Mr. Wells to call special counsel Ralph as an expert witness to testify about how the king and the court jesters determine when an item is paid for by using the date WRITTEN on the check. Based on that legal analysis I gotta believe special counsel Ralph would testify under oath that the gov paid for those Yankee tickets on the day of the date written on the check no matter when it was written.

As I said I’m sure Mr. Wells will cut the jesters case to pieces without my assistance, I just needed to remind the special counsel that consistency is a virtue, one he appears to lack!

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