Monday, September 20, 2010


I’m starting to notice a similarity in the way the media is treating the Public Integrity Commission and the GOP’s gubernatorial nominee. HUH? How do I make that connection you ask?

The media has seen the commission make error after error, make laughable denial after denial and take indefensible action after action. Just a partial list:

The leaking of information in Troopergate
Ignoring the DA’s warnings about the leaks
Failing to investigate Herb’s actions
Ignoring the IG’s report about Barry and Herb
Ignoring the governor’s call for mass resignations
Giving Herb a vote of confidence a week before he resigned in disgrace
Letting Herb use vacation time he may or may not have had prior to his departure
Ignoring Herb hitting a deer with his state issued car on a Sunday
Apple Picking
Miscalculation of lobby totals two years running
Yankee ticket immaculate deception
Barry’s wife getting that helpful phone call
Due dates and the changing there of
Conflicts of interest for commissioners

And the list goes on and on.

The media used to report on the commission missteps, even editorialized once in a while but now the bar has been lowered so far and the expectations dumbed down to such a level that the commission gets away with being an embarrassment because everyone knows it already. It’s an old story.

Will the same thing happen in the governor’s race? Will the fact that Paladino has made so many outrageous statements allow him to avoid media responsibility for the next ones that we are all sure are coming?

I can tell you from first hand experience when the media accepts the pest as an inevitable guest at the party you end up infested with pests. Disclosure is the best exterminator.

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