Monday, February 27, 2012

Casey's an expert

The Times Union's Casey Seiler just posted a blog piece

about my recent proclamation that I may be done blogging about JCOPE missteps.

It's a factually accurate story so no complaints about that.  But I must admit I'm amazed that Casey would think anyone cares what I do or don't do on the blog.

But thats the beauty of a blog, everyone's an expert.

And knowing how much Casey prides himself on being a literary expert I have to ask:

Casey is bought-offedness really a word?

I would have thought the correct phrase would have been "of being bought off".

I'm sure I will see you at the meeting  Lets see if you are up to speed so you can ask JCOPE and Biben hard hitting questions.

I'll be waiting to see who picks up the role of gadfly.


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