Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An All-American Plan for Redistricting

Think parity in the NFL. It’s a function of the schedule. If you have a good year, the league will ensure that your schedule in the following year will be tougher. You’ll end up playing more #1 and #2 teams and fewer weak teams.

Think salary cap in MLB. No team can spend above a certain level to acquire players without incurring a luxury tax. There are still rich teams, but their advantage isn’t so great.

Now think New York State Legislature. What encourages competition?

Answer: Not much. In fact, we allow the winning teams, in effect, to set their schedule. We allow them all sorts of other advantages.

I say this is all UN-AMERICAN! And I say we should do something about it.

So how about this: Let’s let the minority leader of each house draw the lines. That’s right. Have Brian Kolb and John Sampson draw the lines. Or course they would draw them to give challengers a better shot, but that’s the point.

Why would we want it done any other way? We want to promote competition, not ensure the same result year after year, right?

Why is politics the one area in society where we actually protect the status quo?

Think about it: Is the status quo working? Has it served us well?

“Oh, Dave, you’re just being Dave, again.”

Who else am I suppose to be? and really, Kolb and Sampson should draw the lines. It would make politics more competitive and government more responsive. More interesting, too.

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