Tuesday, June 26, 2012

JJOKE sets a record

Todays JJOKE meeting set a record.

It was the fastest commission meeting in modern history.  From the chairwomen's welcome (utterred while the crowd, all 7 of us were still filing in) to the motion for executive session . . . 4 minutes, thats 240 seconds for those of you keeping count at home.

And in those 240 seconds Biben announced the hiring of 2 more staffers, and neither was a women from the IG's office or from the chairwomen's husband's law firm.  As of now I do not know if they are Albany based or NYC but I would guess one of each and neither is a chief economist.

The chair announced that source of funding rules and regulations are being worked on, whoopee, but would not be released until some unspecified time in the future, but for all those affected rest easy because "no one will be relieved of their obligation to file under the law" according to the chair.

As to business relationships no guidance but the chairwomen pronounced that all should follow a plain reading of the statute LOLOLOLOLOLOL.  They don't know what to tell the lobbying community so read the law yourself.

And then there was Ravi.   Did he answer any of my questions?  Nope but he did state that he hoped the commission would pass rules and regulations that maximized disclosure . .  just before the JOKE went into top secret executive session.   You have to love Ravi's sense of irony and comedic timing.

On a positive note Ravi was not dropped off in front of the building by his chauffer driven Maybach, I saw him actually walk in from at least a block away and I could find no sign of the chairwomens security detail or her westchester county vehicle at an expired meter.  Who says you can't teach  old dogs new tricks.

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