Friday, July 13, 2012

The Chief Economist has a very small travel radius

This one is further evidence that JJOKE either has their collective heads up their collective arses or their office is truly in Albany and all the New York City based employees don't have to follow state rules regarding where they work from.

What am I talking about?

One of my New York City based clients recently got a letter from JJOKE Chief Economist and Phd. Kitty Kay Chan informing them that they had been selected for audit but because their office is beyond the established travel radius they could mail in their material and no onsite audit will be performed.


This client could literally throw a chief economist out their window and hit the JJOKE New York City office where the chief economist and Phd is allegedly working.

Which is it Kitty? is your office in New York City? in which case your travel radius must be measured in blocks or is it in Albany? in which case why don't you report to the office like all other state employees?  Or are you part of that new State rule on working from wherever you want now known as the "Biben exception"?

I'm sure glad the JOKE has created a New York City presence, at considerable taxpayer expense, it seems to be working . . .for Biben.

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