Monday, September 10, 2012

JJOKE starting to look like the Godfather saga

I’m going to blame some of the people in this room


Was it only me or was Marvin Jacob channeling Vito Corleone during the latest JJOKE meeting.


For those of you who did not see it Marvin interrupted the Chairwomen as she attempted to request a motion to move into executive session as JJOKE usually does and made a motion of his own . . . to do as I suggested several postings ago and hold the JJOKE session in public.  (it’s nice to know someone at JJOKE reads the blog and yes Marvin when you take my advice I praise you in the blog)


After some legal twists and turns the Governor’s appointees with some republican help voted down Marvin’s inspired motion and instead agreed to release the results of any vote held in executive session.


I can’t wait does that mean JJOKE is going to release ALL of its prior secret votes? Or only those that the majority want to?


There is a fascinating dynamic evolving at JJOKE it seems to me that Biben has lost control over a significant block of support.


When you combine what was said in today’s public session with what Ravi disclosed it seems clear to me that what is going on is a dispute about what staff has done prior to commission approval of a substantial basis investigation vote.


If I had to guess I’d say the issue boils down to Biben sending litigation hold letters (as disclosed by the NY Post) to the Assembly the AG and the Comptroller without a commission vote.  And at the last meeting she got serious pushback on a request to move ahead with an investigation of the Assembly.  But that’s purely a guess.


After JJOKE releases its vote we should be able to put some more pieces together.


And in case you are not familiar with Vito Corleone in the original Godfather Vito meets with the other mob bosses around an ornate conference table and tells them that he can forgive people for the death of his eldest son Santino but if anything happens to his son Michael he is going to hold some of the people in the room responsible and that he will not forgive.


All I could think about watching Marvin was that while he is unhappy about the leaks at JJOKE if it happens again he is going to hold people at JJOKE responsible and that he will not forgive.


All that is missing is a dead fish.

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