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 A familiar refrain from state pols with too much time on their hands.  Everyone in Albany loves to gossip and I’m not above it myself.

In fact I pick up a lot of gossip.  A very wise man (who is doing some unwise things now that he is a JJOKE commissioner) told me when I started my business that I should never miss a chance to chat with people in the game, never turn down the opportunity to have a cup of coffee and to always pick up the phone because you never know what piece of information you might obtain.  That man was right and I’ve followed his advice and normally I filter the information sift the truth from the fiction and file away the good stuff until I need or can use it.

Usually I try to only publish that which I know is true or believe to be true.  If I hear something I can’t verify I keep it to myself or if I tell someone I preface it by saying I’ve been told yada yada yada.

BUT since I can’t review the source of funding disclosures today (and probably won’t be able to without a foil for 6 months) and because I’ve grown bored with foiling various groups source of funding disclosures (that should keep Milgram busy for awhile, maybe even cut down on the smoke from the chimney), I’m going to play the what do you see what do you hear game that is so popular with the in crowd.

So I’ve heard that:

The Silver and Libous cases have been put on hold by JJOKE staff.

The governor has been told by sources close to JJOKE that Silver and Libous have nothing to worry about.

When it comes to Lopez JJOKE isn’t done but isn’t doing anything either.
That Lopez is bragging that JJOKE has nothing on him.
That JJOKE commissioners have not been kept informed of the status of the Lopez investigation in the last 3 months.

That a vote was held on the Silver case and the Assembly democratic appointees blocked it.

That JJOKE employee John Milgram is telling the media “off the record” that no vote was taken.

That Milgram may be facing his own ethics investigation for leaking the false information that no vote was taken.

That the 2nd floor is unhappy with Milgram again.

That the reason for Milgram’s original fall from grace from his 2nd floor gig involved another employee who had to be transferred.

That legislative appointees at JJOKE have been told far less about JJOKE operations than executive appointees.

That Ellen “eBay” Biben has told the commissioners that they can only vote on issues that she presents them including complaints received.

That Former Serph’s angel . . . oops I can’t tell that one I promised another of Serph’s angels I’d leave Serph’s angels alone.

That the blog is read religiously by Milgram, Biben et al and about a third of the commissioners (that one is not rumor it’s fact.  I know I know.)

That a former Spitzer spox is now talking daily with the governor.

That the 2nd floor has begun to think of an exit strategy for Ellen “eBay” Biben and her gang.

That several JJOKE commissioners are considering resignations.

That the legislature is upset with JJOKE’s rules regarding the reporting of business relationships

That the JJOKE legislative appointees are talking amongst themselves about a course of action.

That JJOKE executive appointees don’t care what the JJOKE legislative appointees want.

That JJOKE staff doesn’t care what any of the JJOKE commissioners other than Horowitz and DiFiore have to say.

That changes to the ethics reform of 2011 are in store for 2013.

So let me know what do YOU see? What do YOU hear?

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