Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shark Fins at JJOKE

Are those fins we see along Broadway?

Could it be that others are actively hunting JJOKE?

Right on the heals of my conversation with New York Post reporter Carl Campanile, reported here on the blog, a conversation initiated by the Post reporter btw.  I've received a call from a former ethics commissioner (thats how I protect Ravi's identity) who told me that a New York Post reporter was asking questions about JJOKE staffers having no show jobs and putting in requests for reimbursement for expenses related to travel to Albany when Albany was the official JJOKE work station (prior to May 15, 2012).

This generated two thoughts in my mind.

First would I be helpful and show this New York Post reporter how to put the pieces together about Biben's working from home for the first three months of her tenure.

The downside of doing so is it would seriously piss off some of my "friends" who are big Biben fans especially if they think I'm the one pushing the story.  On that point lets be clear I'm not pushing the story.  I did all the research last summer, I have all the documents that prove the allegations against Biben, and I've blogged about it but I'm saving my work in case I decide to do something with it, not for the New York Post AND I told the Biben supporters last year that she had ethical vulnerabilty on this and other issues.  They didn't care then after all they are wayyyyyyyyy smarter than I am so this one isn't my fault.  When I do the hit on Biben I'll sign my name on the card after I deliver it all wrapped up with a bow. 

Second and more importantly for the second time in a week the NEW YORK POST is sniffing around JJOKE and it doesn't appear that they are going to be writing a puff piece with a whole bunch of Dick Dadey and Susan Lerner brown-nosing quotes.

Now I'm not a sophisticated analyst of news related to New York politics but isn't the Post suppose to write flattering prose about all the positive reforms this governor has accomplished including ethics reform ... translated aren't they suppose to kiss Biben's ass?

Whats going on?

Is the Post doing this on their own?

Has someone in the legislature been feeding them unflattering info about Biben in retaliation for the Lopez/Silver leaks?

Or is it the governor's office trying to put a little distance between the governor's sterling record of success with reforms and the stench coming off the dead fish known as JCOPE?

In any event as someone who has been in the water when the shark fins break the surface Biben better hope that the sharks want someone else or pray that a seat opens up in the lifeboat (also known as the lawfirm of . . . nah no point in going swimming in shark infested waters in a raw meat bathing suit)

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