Monday, April 22, 2013

3 easy steps for success as the new chair of JJOKE

After 16 months DiFiore is stepping down as chairwomen of JJOKE to run for reelection as DA of Westchester County.  Whomever runs against her should have plenty of JJOKE ammunition to use in a negative campaign.  I'd start by researching the status of all those parking tickets she got in front of the JJOKE offices.

Dan Horwitz is going to replace her and I worry he will make the mistake of saying he wants to build on the foundation that Ms. Difiore established at JJOKE. That is one weak foundation covering a deep pit in the land of ethics.  And while no one will believe it I really do want Dan to succede so I'm going to give him my 3 steps for success at JJOKE.

Step 1 - Ask Ellen Biben for her resignation.

Step 2 - try not to view everything thru the lens of a prosecutor.  This is a tuff one for those that were prosecutors.  It goes against their very instinct.  But if you want to be successful it's a must.  Think like a media person, you have information to provide the public that's your job the prosecutor stuff will come naturally.  And you don't need Milgram fire him and ask Ellen Biben for her resignation.

Step 3 - Ask Ellen Biben for her resignation.

I'll give you a little time to take my advice and I hope you do better than DiFiore, Biben, Ginsberg, Feerick and Teitelbaum did, if not you will be able to read all about it trust me. 

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