Friday, December 20, 2013

Assemblyman GRABASS

Here we go again

Another public official exhibiting the behaviour of a drunken frat boy

Another ethics investigation to determine if Assemblyman GRABASS is a bigger pig than Vito Lopez

Another attempt to connect Speaker Silver to a culture of sex in the Capital that makes the 60's look like summer church camp

How long before the Goo Goo's call for new legislation?

How long before the governor demands sex ethics reform?

How long before we have a sex scandal Moreland Commission?  Which by the way would be far more entertaining to watch than the current ethics Moreland Commission

I've got a simple solution and it is one that all the reformers can support because it calls for more voluntary disclosure and bureaucracy, along with the ability to screw up the definitions so anyone violating the disclosure requirement can avoid responsibility

All you need to do is amend the disclosure reports presently filed by public officials under oath to require the disclosure of all sexual contact or harassment during the previous calander year.

Problem solved

Just like the public officials disclosing their business relationships.

And put those reports online so we can all read about the next Assemblyman GRABASS

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