Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rules? we don't need to follow the rules

It's day 2 of my candidacy to become a commissioner at JCOPE.

Carl Heastie still hasn't called.

Maybe I'll start researching Patrick Jenkins.

Had Carl called I would have updated him on some very troubling actions taking place at JCOPE.

I bet Marvin Jacobs and Renee Roth and the Gary Busey impersonater haven't provided him the insight I am about to share with the readers but that's why they suck at their jobs as commissioners and I would be fantastic (shameless self promotion until the lawn signs are printed).

In the last few days JCOPE has made news twice, both times the reporting was done by the Daily News (I wonder who gave them the helpful heads up).  First there was the news that JCOPE lost their Article 78 case with Donald Trump.  The Judge in no uncertain terms told JCOPE that they were dead wrong on their argument that they don't have to abide by the 45 day rule to present a complaint to the commissioners for action.  By the way I bet the same JJOKE lawyer that told them to ignore the statute is the one advising that commissioners cannot vote to open their proceedings.  Then it was reported that JCOPE had sent Shelly Silver a letter threatening to impose $120000 in fines for failure to properly file his financial disclosure reports (talk about a chickenshit kicking of a man when he is down).  But beyond the tactical move of trying to force a legislator facing a federal indictment to modify his financial disclosure reports that form the basis for that indictment ( kind of like taking candy from a baby at gunpoint) the important fact is that in both these news items JJOKE staffers had taken actions WITHOUT the commissioners approval and/or knowledge.

If I was a commissioner I'd be holding a press conference right now to demand answers from the staff as to why they have gone rogue and were they directed by others to take these actions.

Carl, Dean and especially the minority leaders of the legislature should be scared.  JCOPE was set up so no one faction could impose there will, but that is exactly what is happening.  If they could do it to Shelly they could do it to the next legislator on his way to a trial.

Put me on JCOPE and at least you will know who is gunning for you.

Come on Carl we could have a great ethics marriage.

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