Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I give up

JJOKE may be unfixable.

Another meeting another clown fest.

They were suppose to release the annual report, late but it would have made for at least a bit of a media event, a peek behind the curtain.  It was on the agenda but Dan Horwitz fresh from yet another Amtrak fiasco (btw Dan drive up to Albany or come in the night before.  For that matter all the outside Albany commissioners be honest enough to admit you do not care enough about ethics to take a day from your busy lives to meet in a room with the other ethics hypocrites on the commission) notified all that the annual report would not be released until after all commissioners had a chance to review and comment.  WTF are you saying Dan?  Did LT not provide you all a copy last week or is there something in the report that the governor might object to?

And what is up with the Horwitz Weissman hatred?  It's obvious guys either tone it down or duke it out.  And while you are at it tell Monica to know her place it's emasculating when she has to come to Dan's defense.  Keep your pimp hand strong Dan.

And Gary now that you have jurisdiction over local lobbying will your law firm register? will you resign? will you curtail your campaign contributions.  Pretty obvious by your interest in local lobbying that you have a dog in the fight.

Anyway I'm done for a while blogging about JJOKE it bores me.

I'm not done blogging though I had an idea I enjoy writing spoofs about my imaginary ability to recount word for word what goes on in the halls of power in Albany so I'm going to spend the rest iof the spring and summer writing a spoof about Albany and politics and I'm going to post it chapter by chapter on the blog.

I'm sure it will suck and Casey Seiler will ravage my style and punctuation but fuck him what has he ever accomplished?  And I can make him a character in the book.  Every political novel needs a dilittante media type that rides his bike and reads Proust in the park while reportable stories go unreported all around him.

As I have time I'll add to the story  lets see how it goes Chapter 1 coming soon.

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