Wednesday, June 29, 2016

JCOPE meeting proves JCOPE is up to the challenge

Yesterday's JCOPE meeting clearly established that finally New York has an ethics agency they can be proud of.

I don't know if Seth Agata or Dan Horwitz should receive the credit but yesterday JCOPE lived up to its promise and delivered in a big way.

It's executive Director Seth Agata showed mastery of the subject matter and delivered clear and concise information to the commission and the regulated community.  He provided a detailed briefing on the recent changes enacted by the legislature with cogent analysis and insightful predictions for how the changes will be implemented and when.  He judiciously deferred to those staff members who had more detailed knowledge than he did and those staff members performed flawlessly, filling in any technical gaps and answering commissioners questions fully.

And speaking of commissioners, it appeared that a full contingent of commissioners were in attendance and fully briefed and knowledgeable of the subject matter being discussed. Their questions showed a keen understanding of the many difficult and complex issues that the legislation presented and their comments evidenced a stunning depth of understanding for the competing needs of the government, the regulated community and the media.  It was obvious that Gary Levine, George Weissman and Seymor Knox were on top of their game and prepared to fulfill their obligations as commissioners.

Dan Horwitz was in rare form as he sat still in his chair without uttering a single ummm.  The picture of a sober and prudent chairman, one we can rest assured would not engage in corrupt behavior to benefit himself, his family, his law firm or the second floor.  He appeared almost presidential in the way he ran the meeting.

I can't wait to watch the recording of the meeting to see if I missed anything.

I only have one question.  Who paid for the pizza that the commissioners ate during executive session?  I hope it wasn't the taxpayers.

You do get I am being sarcastic?

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