Tuesday, September 27, 2016

transparency in ethics is like giving viagra to a eunach

It only has value if someone can use the result.

As the criminal complaints and indictment flow out of the most recent case of public corruption in Albany we are sure to hear the predictable calls for more transparency and ethics reform.

The Governor will demand it.

The good government groups will lobby for it.

The editorial boards will latch on to it as the answer to our ethical problems.

And it's all just a giant con game perpetuated on the voters by the eunachs of ethics.

What good is it if you don't use it?

I can't remember which of the recent ethics reforms (I think it was 2011) brought us the required disclosure of business relationships by lobbyists and their clients but I'm sure the eunachs of ethics crowned it as the answer to all our problems.

It's right there on the JJOKE website, a list of all the filings since the transparency was required.

Take a look you will not find any of the most recent scandal parties listed but that's too easy lets explore some other examples.

I read that former Cuomo confidant Howard Glaser (and I'm betting current Cuomo investigation cooperating witness) was an adjunct professor at Columbia University.  A job I'm sure the old Cuomo crowd at Columbia helped him land.  Since Columbia is the client of a registered lobbyist that employment arrangement must have been disclosed on Columbia's business relationship form.  I mean that's exactly why you require transparency . . . right?  Let's look.  It didn't take long there is only 86 forms filed since the transparency law went into effect.  And Columbia is not there.  Lot's of other collages reported there adjunct staff, but they are all low level state employees you've never heard of.  I'm sure former Cuomo staffer and current head of JJOKE Seth Agata is already busily investigating this transparency violation.  Lets try another.

Former JJOKE head Ellen Biben had a teaching gig somewhere as I recall.  She team taught with former Cuomo counsel Linda Lacewell.  What are the odds?  Certainly the head of JJOKE would know who her employer was and would have made sure they filed the transparency forms to provide full disclosure to the public.  Let me do a quick search . . . Fordham.  Since Fordham is a client of a registered lobbyist they must have filed the business relationship form.   NOPE.  Maybe it was NYU where they were adjuncts.  You know NYU the home of the Brennan Center the good government group that always calls for more transparency.  NOPE they didn't file either.

Again does anyone want to bet if Agata is investigating this perversion of our disclosure requirements?

Like a eunach on viagara Agata would have his hands full if he just had the equipment to use the transparency tool at his disposal.

AGATA must resign.

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