Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Rob Cohen nuff said

JJOKE's newest commissioner is Rob Cohen.

Formerly a JJOKE special counsel.

The same special counsel that was responsible for turning on the hot mic during an executive session of JCOPE almost 4 years ago to the day (Jan 30 2013).

I promised some of my second floor friends I wouldn't say anything about the pick so I'm just going to pass on a story I just heard that the governor's office picked Rob Cohen because the following people turned them down.

Joe Percocco
Alain Kalyeros
Todd Howe
Vito Lopez
Barry Ginsberg
Herb Teitelbaum
Elliot Spitzer and David Patterson

Well if nothing else Rob Cohen will make Seth Agata and Martin Levine look like Benjamin Cardozo

Hey Rob I'm just trying to be helpful you might want to edit your law firms website to tone down your role at JJOKE it looks a lot like you might be violating the Public Officers Law by using your state gig to get business.

Rob Cohen - the gift that will keep the blog in material for months.

I wonder what Weismann and Jacobs think about Rob Cohen being a commissioner?

Too funny   let me thank whomever suggested Rob Cohen for the job you are a true friend for bringing me this much joy!!!!!

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