Thursday, March 8, 2018

DeFran joins the list of ethics wannabes that talk loud but carry no stick or sack for that matter

Candidate for Governor and powerful state senator John DeFrancisco has jumped on the bandwagon and called for a special prosecutor to look at the misuse of state resources in the Percoco case.  It made for a good press release and some news coverage

Now I've never met the Senator but I have some friends that say he is a standup guy which makes me wonder why he is content with being all talk on the ethics issues coming out of the Percoco trial.

You may ask "well what can he do other than send out press releases?"

DeFrancisco is suppose to be a smart lawyer.  Why not try the following instead of throwing a hail mary that Cuomo would actually appoint a legitimate special prosecutor (Didn't we already see what happened to the Moreland panel?)

The Senate republicans have 3 appointees on JCOPE, which actually has jurisdiction in this matter and 2 pending complaints.  Get the Senate, where you are supposed to have juice, to demand that the JJOKE appointees take action on the complaints or resign.  Ask your appointees to discuss the law regarding misuse of state resources.  Lets see if they even understand it.  While you are at it why not hold Senate hearings into JCOPE?  I'll volunteer to help you with that.

Shining a light requires more than talking about flashlights you actually have to flip the switch and turn it on.

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