Friday, October 15, 2010


Public Integrity Chairman Michael Cherkasky announced his resignation yesterday. In so doing he joins an ever growing list of PIC bigwigs who came in with sterling reputations (at least according to the spitzer minions) and left with their tails between their legs.

As an aside for an excellent review of just how bad disgraced former executive director and former chairman Teitelbaum and Feerick were you should read Lloyd Constantine’s book and it’s description of how they got appointed and why.

But back to Mike the ex chair, he said he has resigned effective January 1, 2011 due to the many conflicts that have arisen from his company’s acquisition of Kroll. And I might add Mike the ex chair did a wonderful advertisement for Kroll on camera pointing out that every law firm in the top 100 list uses them. Do you really think that was an appropriate use of state resources Mike? State resources that the commission had to pay overtime for because you’re catered executive session lasted 3 hours. Doing more with less doesn’t mean more eating with less financial restraint Mike.

But back to those conflicts. If you have them now they are not going away in the next 3 months. (I foiled the list of recusals Mike the ex chair has had, anyone want to bet if they provide them?) If the conflicts are sufficient to require your resignation the resignation should be effective immediately or worst case within the next 30 days.

Why don’t you have your crack lawyers research it for you? If Ralph and Barry can’t find the statute tell them to give me a call I’ll show them the law.

Since you will not be at the next meeting other than in the audience (and we both know that’s beneath you) let me say goodbye now. You have continued the tradition of scandal plagued PIC bigwigs lets hope the next one is better, the bar has been set pretty low, so low its almost beneath me huh Mike.

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